World of Warcraft: Spieler kritisieren Blizzards Geschäftsmodell


Customers of the world’s most popular multiplayer online role-playing game grumble: they get too little performance for their money. In addition, the operator has always incorporated new mechanics for monetization.

The discrimination scandal is joined by further displeasure at Activision Blizzard. Complaints about the price-performance ratio of “World of Warcraft” (WoW) are piling up, report trade media. Many players feel they are not getting enough content for the subscription fee of between 11 and 13 euros per month. 16,000 of them upvoted a post asking, “What exactly are we paying for each month right now?”

Update cycles have become very long

The basic criticism lies in the long phases without any innovation. The game sometimes has to go a year without an update, complains renowned moderator Last_Judicator. He wrote the article. There are long dry spells between major expansions. Blizzard also charges an extra fee of 40 dollars or more for larger content updates. If you wanted the last expansion “Shadowlands” with all the bonuses, you had to pay 75 euros for the Epic Edition. Last_Judicator complains that you have to buy the update and pay extra to be able to play it. Other voices criticize that there are also timegaps for “everything”. That is, players must complete certain experiences in a set amount of time or they will remain closed to them. Weekly limits are quite common.

Free-to-play stores in addition to subscription fee.

The letter also criticizes the studio for introducing an item store to extract further money from players. In these in-game stores, virtual goods can be bought for real currency. This principle is mainly known from so-called free-to-play titles, which are financed exclusively through this. Therefore, you obviously don’t pay the subscription fee for the privilege of doing without, writes Last_Judicator.

Costs have dropped

The operator claims that the money is used for servers, support staff and game development. The author of the article counters that Blizzard is increasingly reducing its support staff. Most of the other platforms have decided on an alternative payment model after some time and do not impose a subscription on the players. Many comments under the post confirm his criticism. Others express cynicism about the business practices: Blizzard can only take such high fees because many players have already put a lot of time into the game. “People pay it,” is the bitter conclusion of one user. The platform is already struggling with a wave of churn due to the harassment allegations. On the other hand, WoW has a solid base structure with over 116 million players.


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