40% of Channel migrant workers are from Albania.


40% of migrants to the Channel come from Albania.

According to a top-secret military intelligence report, Mail Plus, 40% of Channel migrants come from the peaceful country of Albania and not from a country that has experienced civil war.

The information was revealed on the same day that a man in a kayak needed to be rescued by British authorities after attempting to cross the English Channel on his own.

The total number of immigrants who entered the UK this week is 1,372, up by 288 more people who crossed the English Channel on Friday, August 5.

Government statistics show that five small boats made the journey in the most recent 24-hour period.

This includes a migrant who attempted to paddle along yesterday morning before being saved.

Around 9 am, five miles from the English coast, he was apprehended by British Border Force agents, according to GB News.

According to data from the Ministry of Defense, 696 people made the risky trip on Monday, breaking the previous daily record for 22.

Only twice this year have more than 600 individuals entered the UK via small boats, with the first instance occurring on April 13 when 651 individuals did so.

The total number of travelers this year has now reached 17,134 with the 696 who crossed on Monday.

According to recent research, the government has spent close to half a billion pounds over the last seven years trying to stop migrants from crossing the border.

Included in the total are sizable sums given to the French government in an effort to keep potential asylum seekers from leaving their territory.

According to statistics, £473 million has been spent on various security measures in addition to the upfront cost of Priti Patel’s asylum deal with Rwanda.

Home Secretary Priti Patel is anticipated to make an impending funding announcement that will include tens of millions of pounds for additional beach patrols and surveillance gear for France.

The increase in risky Channel crossings is unacceptable, according to a government spokesperson.

They not only openly violate our immigration laws, but they also endanger lives and make it harder for us to assist refugees who enter the UK legally and safely.

“The Nationality and Borders Act will allow us to crack down on abuse of the system and the evil people smugglers, who will now be subject to a maximum sentence of life in prison,” said the government.

“Under our new Migration and Economic Development Partnership with Rwanda, we are continuing to make plans to rehabilitate those who are making risky, pointless, and illegal journeys into the UK in order for…

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696 people cross the English Channel on Monday, the highest number this yearOne man in a kayak had to be rescued by Border Force on Friday morningThe government has spent £493 million over seven years trying to stop migrants


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