A family of ducklings was saved by Perth police in Western Australia from certain death on a freeway.


A family of ducklings was about to perish on a freeway when Perth police in Western Australia intervened.

When a family of ducklings became lost and wandered onto a busy freeway in the rain, Western Australian police mounted a daring rescue operation.

On Tuesday morning, the waddle was seen attempting to cross the Mitchell Highway’s northbound lanes, just north of Perth.

After receiving calls that shelduck ducklings were attempting to cross the road, police showed up at the edge of the road to escort the ducklings away from oncoming traffic.

Two officers marched the ducklings along the white paint while one police car blocked the entire left lane.

On the highway, where visibility was poor due to the slick, rainy weather, the ducks were facing certain death.

However, the drama intensified when one of the officers saw that one of the baby ducks had fallen into a roadside drain.

After diving into the drain to retrieve the baby duckling and returning it to the group, the traffic enforcement officer launched a full-scale rescue effort.

One of our Traffic Enforcement Group officers was able to save one of the ducklings after it fell into a roadside drain with the help of Perth Traffic, according to WA police.

The young ducks were taken to a local animal shelter in Malaga, where they were given care and attention.

One viewer commented under the tweet from the WA police, “How’d they choose who went down the hole? Rock, paper, scissors?”

Good job, everybody! exclaimed another.

Police responded to reports a perilous waddle of ducklings were on a highwayFootage shows police marching the little waterfowl out of harm’s way in the rainOne officer climbed into a drain to rescue a straggler who had been swept away


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