A lot of criminals who have been convicted of violent assault, arson, and robbery attempt to work as prison guards.


A lot of criminals who have been convicted of violent assault, arson, and robbery attempt to work as prison guards.

Prison corruption fears have been raised by the nearly 100 criminals who have applied to become officers after being found guilty of drug dealing, robbery, arson, and violent assault.

MailOnline’s investigation uncovered a rogues gallery of criminals who have attempted to obtain high security positions.

There are approximately 169 convictions or cautions among the 90 people, for offenses ranging from battery and assault to misconduct in a public office.

Theft from stores, racial slurs, harassment, and knife possession are some additional offenses.

The results imply that concerns raised by the National Police Chiefs’ Council about three years ago about gangs breaking into prisons to bring in illegal goods are still very much valid.

Rio Moran, 30, was given a two-year sentence in prison in March after assisting in the introduction of drugs into the HMP Doncaster, where she worked.

Then, a month ago, 25-year-old prison guard named Emma Johnson was put behind bars for smuggling iPhones into HMP Sudbury for a prisoner she had fallen in love with.

David Spencer, Research Director at the Centre for Crime Prevention, commented on MailOnline’s findings, saying: “It is crazy that convicted criminals would even be considered for jobs as prison officers.”

It would undoubtedly pose a significant security risk, increase the likelihood that contraband would be brought into prisons, and even encourage crime lords to carry out their nefarious operations while incarcerated.

“The lunatics would practically take over the asylum, and this is one case where sanity has to prevail,” the speaker said.

“If the vetting is anything like the police, you don’t know who might have managed to slither through if these are the ones that have been flagged,” said former Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville.

“To think that cons are attempting to look out for other cons is crazy.”

Prison corruption already exists due to inmates smuggling drugs in.

They don’t need this additional burden.

There is no absolute ban on hiring people with criminal histories at Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service.

But a security vetting procedure is required for everyone applying to work inside a jail.

A Disclosure and Barring Service Check is one of the systems that can be used by employers to make more secure hiring decisions.

The data, which MailOnline was able to obtain through the Freedom of Information Act, reveals how many convicted felons have applied in the last year for positions in prison administration.

Drunk driving: 28

14 batteries

Possession of goods for sale or hire bearing a false trademark – 12

12 assaults resulting in ABH

Failure to inform of changes – 8

Felony damage: 7

Criminal damage: 7

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