A woman has spent the last 20 years adorning her west London home with colorful MOSAICS.


A woman has spent the last 20 years adorning her west London home with colorful MOSAICS.

A London artist has turned her five-bedroom home into a 20-year-long mosaic mural that is an autobiography of her life.

Carrie Reichardt, 55, of Chiswick, west London, spent the last two decades creating the colorful art mural after falling in love with mosaicing after finishing her garden in 1997.

Since then, she has continued to cover her entire house in mosaics, which she describes as an ‘autobiographical tattoo’ because it depicts the story of events that have occurred throughout her life.

She claims that the colorful creations do not bother her neighbors on Fairlawn Grove, where some homes sell for up to £3 million.

‘The mosaics on my house are like tattoos people get on their bodies,’ Ms Reichardt, a public artist, explained.

It’s autobiographical, and each section tells a story about my life at a particular point in time.

‘I began mosaicing in 1997.

I began with a piece in the back garden, and it was at this point that I fell completely in love with it.

‘I realized it was my future when I realized how therapeutic and beneficial it was to my mental health.’

Because I had been teaching mosaicing in the community, it wasn’t until 2000 that I decided to start creating mosaics on the outside of my house.

‘However, when I was creating art for places like libraries, I was getting tired of people telling me what I could and couldn’t do.’

‘So that’s when I decided to make mosaic art on my own house and no one would be able to tell me what to do.’

‘I began with my doorway and worked my way forward.’

I joked that it would take me 20 years to complete, and it has indeed taken me that long.

‘Mosaic-ing my house would allow me to create a large piece of public art that would not be censored by others.’

The vibrant colors and strong political quotes that adorn the house were all inspired by her personal interests as well as the influences of those who have helped her over the years.

Both the English Hedonists have blue plaques on the front of the house.

‘NA Faith, Hope, and Courage: Perhaps some of us partied a little too hard,’ reads the first, and ‘The Treatment Rooms, 2002: Now,’ reads the second…

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