A woman’s question about how to prevent her neighbors from parking on her driveway sparked a raging discussion.


Angry discussion started after a woman inquired about how to prevent neighbors from parking on her driveway.

A British mother revealed that her neighbors have started parking in her driveway without her permission, which sparked a heated debate.

The anonymous UK woman explained on the parenting website Mumsnet that even though she doesn’t own a car, she uses her driveway as an outdoor area for her apartment.

She wrote on social media that a family had just moved in upstairs and had started using her driveway for their people movers.

Her post elicited a variety of responses, some of which suggested that the neighbors might not be aware it is her space.

Some were angrier than others, calling the neighbors “cheeky,” and some even suggested the poster put up a bollard to keep the area safe.

She posted on the website, saying: “I live in a city in a ground floor flat. I don’t have a garden, but my flat comes with a driveway.

I don’t know if I’m being unreasonable because I don’t have a car.

She continued, “My doorway and driveway receive a lot of direct sunlight, so when the weather is nice, I like to dry my washing out there on racks.

Additionally, I enjoy reading a book and sitting outside on a chair.

A family recently relocated to the apartment above me, and they’ve started parking their large people carrier on my drive.

They simply assumed they could because I don’t own a car, so they didn’t ask for my permission.

“My frustration is that I can’t put my washing out when their car is there, and it also blocks a lot of the sun.”

It’s difficult for me to get my pram in and out because they park it diagonally as well.

“They are currently cleaning and vacuuming the car about 3 feet from my doorstep, so I can’t sit outside and enjoy the sun or have a little peace and quiet.”

The poll results will determine what, if anything, I say to them and whether I am being unreasonable to be upset about them using my drive in this manner.

Many Mumsnet users thought she was being excessive and that a cordial conversation with the neighbor might help to resolve the issue.

One of them questioned, “Have you spoken to them about it being yours rather than shared? That may be the first step.”

Write them that it’s your private driveway and they don’t have permission to park there, and ask them to move their car, another person suggested.

Another person wrote that they agreed, saying to tell them that it was their private driveway and that they didn’t have permission to park there and move their car.

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Anonymous mother took to Mumsnet to ask for opinions on her parking dilemmaUK-based poster said neighbours use in her driveway because she has no carBut this is inconvenient, so she asked for opinions on how to make them stopResponses were split, with some suggesting serious measures like bollards


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