Abbi Jacobson reveals in Los Angeles that she has been dating Jodi Balfour for two years and they are engaged.


In Los Angeles, Abbi Jacobson makes public that she has been dating Jodi Balfour for two years.

Jodi Balfour, Abbi Jacobson’s partner of almost two years, and she are now engaged.

Entertainment Tonight confirmed the information regarding the 38-year-old actress, noting that the couple made their red carpet debut at the A League Of Their Own movie premiere on Thursday night.

The Bomb Girls cast member and the Broad City actor have been dating since 2020.

On her Instagram Story, Balfour, 35, notably posted two pictures of herself and Jacobson enjoying themselves at the gathering.

During the occasion, the voice actress from The Mitchells vs. the Machines wore a voluminous red dress with sleeves.

She was clearly wearing an engagement ring on her left hand as she spent time with her fiancé.

The actress for For All Mankind chose a light pink dress and wore one pair of white shoes and one pair of red shoes.

In two posts published to their individual Instagram accounts in October of last year, Jacobson and Balfour first admitted that they were dating.

In both pictures, the couple was obviously in love with one another.

In the caption of her picture, the former wrote a succinct statement that read: “One year with this incredible human.

I have no idea how I was so fortunate.

In a statement of her own, the latter person referred to their union as “365 days of the best surprise of my life.”

Over the course of their pre-engagement romance, Jacobson and Balfour occasionally exchanged photos.

In a previous interview with Vanity Fair, Jacobson talked openly about her dating life and the kind of person she was looking for.

“I date both men and women,” you might say.

She emphasized that they needed to be funny while engaging in their passion.

When told that participating in the interview would probably result in her being contacted by potential partners, the actress exclaimed, “The world is my oyster.”


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