After an attack that left 15 people dead, including a girl, and five injured, the Palestinians fired rockets back at Israel from Gaza.


After an attack that left 15 people dead, including a girl, and five injured, the Palestinians fired rockets back at Israel from Gaza.

Today’s violence in Gaza and Israel persisted as Tel Aviv was reportedly struck by rockets fired from Gaza before more Israeli airstrikes hit the Palestinian territory.

This afternoon, as rockets fired from Gaza sounded alarms in Israel’s largest city, southern Tel Aviv and Jaffa heard explosions.

It happened shortly after an airstrike on a busy street in western Gaza today, which came after a comparable military action last night against leaders of the Islamic Jihad terror group.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that 13 militants, including a five-year-old girl, were killed in the strikes last night. Two civilians also perished.

As the crowds in Gaza City grew earlier today, Alaa Kazhdum’s father carried her through the streets.

Just after 6 o’clock local time (3 o’clock GMT), Tel Aviv’s air raid sirens went off, and reports of explosions in Jaffa and the city’s southern district appeared on social media.

Although at least three explosions were heard in the city, possibly brought on by interceptions, there were no immediate reports of casualties, according to Reuters.

The nation would conduct a “week of operations,” according to IDF spokesman Ran Kochav, to remove Islamic Jihad’s top terrorist leaders from the Palestinian territory.

Today, he stated: “The Islamic Jihad is a group without a leadership and is less organized than the Hamas-led government in Gaza.

It suffered a serious injury during the 11 days of fighting the year before, as evidenced by its improved ability to launch rockets precisely.

More than 200 rockets from Gaza have allegedly been fired into Israel since Friday night, according to Israeli army forces.

The cutting-edge Iron Dome anti-missile system, they added, has neutralized about 95% of them.

The conflict’s intensity has, for the time being, appeared to be somewhat restrained by the way that Gaza’s Hamas rulers have acted.

Over the past 15 years, there have been four wars and numerous smaller conflicts between Israel and Hamas, costing the two million Palestinians who live in the region a staggering amount of money.

Israeli warplanes increased their airstrikes on Gaza shortly before noon.

Fighter jets dropped two bombs on the home of an Islamic Jihad member after calling the neighborhood to warn them, leveling the two-story building in west Gaza City and seriously damaging the nearby homes.

Children and women fled the area in haste.

Huda Shamalakh, who lived next door, alleged that after being warned with rockets, her neighbors fled empty-handed.

She claimed that the target home had 15 occupants.

A nearby Islamic jihadi site was struck by another air strike.

Violence between Israel and Gaza most recently broke out because of…

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Israel vows ‘week of operations’ against Islamic Jihad leaders in Gaza, PalestineAirstrikes on Friday evening killed 13 militants including chief, plus two civiliansAmong them was Alaa Kazhdum, 5, whose father carried her through the streetsRockets have since entered Israel, with 95 per cent neutralised by Iron DomeFurther strikes took place in Gaza City this afternoon – and sirens ring in Tel Aviv


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