After having relationships with three members of the congregation, the pastor of Brave Church in Miami was fired.


After having relationships with three worshipers, the pastor of Brave Church in Miami was fired.

According to, a charismatic Christian pastor of a hip Miami church has been expelled for allegedly engaging in passionate liaisons with three members of his flock, including two while he was still married.

David Stocker, 46, was let go from Brave Church in Westchester in April after being found guilty of “gross sexual misconduct and immoral actions” by the Assemblies of God’s Peninsular Florida District Council.

The clergyman, who had been giving sermons at the church since 2014, is also accused of paying for one of his lovers’ flight to New York using funds from the church’s credit card.

The council sued Stocker after he refused to resign and persisted in preaching despite being fired for violating the church’s bylaws. The 307-page complaint it filed contains the shocking allegations.

When contacted by about the alleged sex and alcohol use, Stocker’s attorney declined to respond right away.

His first alleged lover’s scorned ex-girlfriend reported him to the council in a damning email in January, along with “hundreds” of pictures, videos, and text messages documenting his shame. This prompted an investigation into him.

According to documents filed in Miami Dade Circuit Court, the woman, whose identity is being protected by the council, was upset to learn that Stocker went on to have relationships with two other worshippers and is still seeing one of them.

The mother in her middle age claimed she and Stocker had sex during their first encounter as part of their “whirlwind romance” and went on to get their names tattooed on each other’s necks along with the date they first met.

She also asserted that the fired minister, whose position required him to abstain from alcohol entirely, was frequently intoxicated, sometimes in front of prominent people in public places.

She claimed in her email and attached photos of an incident with a different alleged mistress at a Miami Heat basketball game where police were called when the two attempted to enter the court.

In 2014, Stocker and his then-wife Christina joined Brave Church. Stocker was well-known for cutting a flamboyant figure while preaching to the active and frequently young congregation that included many families.

Each Sunday, bursting with emotion, he stepped up to the pulpit with assurance, a microphone in hand. His fervent and moving words rose above the live accompaniment.

The preacher would wear a variety of casual, elegant, and dazzling outfits, from dark jeans and a light top to a…

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David Stocker, 46, was forced to step down from his ministerial duties at Brave Church in April after an investigation found him guilty of ‘gross sexual misconduct and immoral actions’The pastor, who had been preaching at the church in Miami’s Westchester neighborhood since 2014, is accused of engaging in sexual affairs with three women from his congregation, two while he was still marriedThe allegations are contained in a complaint filed by the church’s governing body, the Peninsular Florida District Council of the Assemblies of God, which sued Stocker in May after he refused to step down Court filings obtained by state Stocker was found in breach of the church’s bylaws through his misconduct but was allowed to continuing preaching by the church’s directors The complaint reveals the pastor, who was married to wife Christina until 2020, is also accused of using the church’s credit card to pay for flights and hotels for the clandestine encounters One of his lovers, identified in documents only as ‘Woman #1’, reported their illicit relationship to the church’s governing body, turning over a trove of evidence   She claimed the two had sex on their first date after connecting on Instagram in 2019 and later got matching tattoos of the day they metShe also alleged that the pastor, who was to abstain from alcohol, was frequently drunk and would occasionally indulge in drinking in high-profile public placesThe woman said the two also traveled several times together, including two trips to New York for which he allegedly bought her flight with the church’s money


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