After her pet LION escaped in Kuwait, a woman is seen carrying it through the streets.


After her pet LION escaped in Kuwait, a woman was caught on camera carrying it through the streets.

This is the moment a Kuwaiti woman carried her pet lion through the streets after it escaped from her home.

The owner is seen struggling to hold on to the wild cat beneath its front legs as it furiously moves its claws through the air in shocking footage posted to YouTube.

The short video, which was posted on Sunday, shows the young animal writhing around in its owner’s arms, growling loudly.

After walking a short distance, the woman appears to be exhausted and places the animal on the ground to rest.

The lion had escaped in the Sabahiya area, south of Kuwait City, according to news website Al Anbaa on Sunday.

Environmental police were dispatched to the scene, according to Al Arabiya.

Before the big cat was returned to captivity, officers assisted the woman in containing it.

Even though it is illegal in many Gulf states, including Kuwait, keeping exotic animals as pets is a popular trend.

Following reports of a wild cat roaming The Springs community in Dubai, a new crackdown on owning dangerous animals was launched in June 2020. However, it was later revealed that the animal caught on camera was actually a house cat.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia both have laws prohibiting the ownership of such animals, but enforcement is lax.

Cheetah cubs are being stolen and sold as pets to wealthy Arab men, according to experts in 2019.

According to Dr Laurie Marker of the Cheetah Conservation Fund, up to three quarters of wild cheetah cubs born in the Horn of Africa each year are taken and sold to smugglers.

She predicted that unless action was taken to stop the trade, the animals would become extinct within two years.

Rich owners in Saudi Arabia and the UAE flaunt the big cats as status symbols, driving around with them in their cars and posing with them at home, according to videos and images uncovered by Mail Online on Instagram.


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