After his granddaughter’s wedding, Jerry Hall served Rupert Murdoch with divorce papers as he boarded a jet.


After his granddaughter’s wedding, Jerry Hall served Rupert Murdoch with divorce papers as he boarded a jet.

As he boarded his private jet following his granddaughter’s wedding, Mail Plus reports that Rupert Murdoch was served divorce papers by Jerry Hall’s attorneys.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Mr. Murdoch, 91, received the legal papers just before boarding the plane in the parking lot of RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.

According to US court documents, Michael Colacicco, a former anti-terrorist officer with the Met Police who is now a private investigator, gave the papers to the “shocked” media mogul.

The 66-year-old Miss Hall received an email from billionaire Rupert Murdoch, reportedly ending their six-year marriage.

According to sources, she was “devastated” by the dissolution of her marriage and believes Mr. Murdoch was unhappy because she kept him apart to prevent him from obtaining Covid-19.

Using the grounds of “irreconcilable differences,” former model Miss Hall filed for divorce in Los Angeles on July 1.

California is a “community property state,” so by default, any assets acquired during the marriage are split 50/50.

In contrast to Miss Hall and her legal counsel, Mr. Murdoch declined to comment to Mail Plus.

Former supermodel Jerry Murdoch, 65, claimed in her petition that she is “unaware of the full nature and extent of all separate property assets and debts” that will be entailed in what will undoubtedly be a costly divorce from 91-year-old billionaire Murdoch.

Miss Hall, whose estimated net worth is (dollar)17.7 billion (roughly £14.7 billion), has not made any mention of a prenuptial agreement in her documents.

According to Miss Hall’s filing, she is presently residing at Murdoch’s (dollar)37 million (£30.7 million), 13-acre vineyard estate in Bel Air. This expansive home was constructed in the 1930s by Oscar-winning Gone With the Wind and Wizard of Oz director Victor Fleming.

For (dollar)28.8 million in 2013, Rupert Murdoch purchased the estate.

It has a main house that is 7,500 square feet, a guest house, an office building, a working vineyard, and a huge wine cellar.

As a “place to build a lasting legacy for yourself and the ones you love,” listing agents marketed it as in 2013.

Although Miss Hall had never been legally wed before she married Mr. Murdoch, who is 23 years older, in March 2016, this will be Mr. Murdoch’s fourth divorce and his shortest marriage.

Previously, she was engaged to Rolling Stones musician Mick Jagger, with whom she has four children: Elizabeth, 38; James, 36;…

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Rupert Murdoch, 91, received divorce papers at RAF Brize Norton in OxfordshireHe was ‘shocked as he was served by ex-Met Police officer PI Michael ColaciccoFormer model Jerry Hall filed for divorce in LA, citing ‘irreconcilable differences’


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