After Kamala Harris took a shot at Joe over Covid variants, the White House backed down.


After Kamala Harris slammed Joe over Covid variants, the White House has backed down.

The White House has been scrambling to contain the fallout from Vice President Kamala Harris’s statement on Friday, in which she appeared to criticize her boss, President Joe Biden, for failing to anticipate the Delta and Omicron coronavirus variants that have fueled a nationwide surge in newly diagnosed cases.

On Friday, Harris slammed Biden for declaring ‘independence’ from Covid on July 4 – and appeared to blame scientists for the administration’s failure to be better prepared for Omicron and Delta, which threaten to send the country back into pandemic shutdowns.

‘We haven’t been victorious over it,’ Harris said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

‘I don’t think anyone can claim victory in any way when there are 800,000 people who have died as a result of this virus,’ she says.

As of Saturday morning, there were 830 confirmed cases of Omicron, up 50% from Friday, and the variant has now been found in nearly every state. New Omicron cases were confirmed in Kentucky, Arkansas, Maine, Kansas, and Wyoming, bringing the total to 45 states.

The vice president insisted that the virologists “upon whose advice and direction we have relied” were unaware of the coming wave.

Harris told the newspaper, ‘We didn’t see Delta coming.’

‘I believe most scientists, on whose advice and guidance we have relied, did not see Delta coming.’

An administration official attempted to spin the vice president’s comments in a positive light, insisting that she meant the president and his aides were unaware of the mutations.

In a statement obtained by Fox News on Saturday, a Harris adviser said, “The vice president’s comments referred to the exact kind of mutation.”

‘We ordered extra tests, extra gear, and extra PPE [personal protective equipment]because the administration knew mutations were a possibility.’

In case new variants appeared, the administration continued to promote vaccinations, masking, and social distancing, according to the adviser.

‘It’s why the president, vice president, and our entire administration warned early and often that getting vaccinated is the best way to avoid becoming a victim of the pandemic,’ the aide said.

‘We were and are prepared.’

Since taking office in January, the Trump administration has argued that it is staffed by capable officials who will oversee the country’s return to…

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