After publishing Who Says You Can’t? You Do, author Daniel Chidiac of The Modern Break Up went from being poor to wealthy.


After publishing Who Says You Can’t? You Do, author Daniel Chidiac of The Modern Break Up went from being poor to wealthy.

Using his best-selling books, a university dropout described how he went from working for the minimum wage in the mud to flying first class all over the world.

Daniel Chidiac, a 34-year-old author from Melbourne, became well-known after his debut book, Who Says You Can’t? You Do, was released in 2018.

However, before he began to amass wealth, Daniel had a difficult time making ends meet. He was drowning in debt from a failed business, had given up on his plans to pursue a degree in commerce, and was working odd jobs on construction sites for as little as (dollar)15 per hour.

Daniel, who has since written a second book titled “The Modern Break Up,” admitted to FEMAIL that he was ashamed of his life’s beginnings before he “made it.”

“One day I was knee deep in concrete and mud on a building site, stumbling around because it was raining, and I knew I didn’t want to be there anymore,” he recalled. “The boss was yelling at us.”

I didn’t tell anyone I was laboring because I was so ashamed; there’s nothing wrong with it, but it didn’t feel right to me, he admitted.

Years prior, Daniel experienced his first “this isn’t me” moment.

He was watching a guest lecturer explain how he made (dollar)150,000 a year and used his income to travel the world while he was seated in a university lecture hall.

“This is alright,” they were all nodding at one another when he turned to face the group, he recalled.

I gathered my books, then I walked away.

I was aware that I didn’t want that life.

At that age, I had bigger financial dreams and I didn’t want to be working for someone else,’ he said.

The collapse of the company he and his brother had co-founded during the Global Financial Crisis was his next “aha” moment.

We were inexperienced and foolish, looking back, he said, “that business was a big mistake.”

After taking a liking to a particular clothing brand while on vacation together in Europe, the brothers contacted the manufacturer to inquire about Australian distributors.

They didn’t, so we went to the bank and obtained an unsecured loan for $70,000; in retrospect, he claimed, “I don’t even know why they gave it to us.”

It was initially successful when they purchased stock and began to market their pricey clothing line.

Some of the items cost $500 each, so when the GFC struck, business ceased, he explained.

‘We finished,’

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Daniel Chidiac is an Australian author who has released two popular booksThe first ‘Who Says You Can’t? You Do’ is a self help book based on his life lessonsThe second is a fiction novel about a break-up from the point of view of a womanDaniel ‘failed’ a lot before finding his feet and making millions as a writerHe dropped out of university before making a terrible business decision He then had to negotiate a mountain of debt, working as a labourer to clear it


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