Alec Baldwin and his family enjoy a chilly day at the beach.


Alec Baldwin and his family enjoy a chilly day at the beach.

Alec Baldwin, who is embroiled in the investigation into his shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his western film Rust, spent a chilly day at the beach near his Hamptons, Long Island home.

Baldwin, 63, was photographed at the beach on Sunday with three of his seven children and their nanny, as temperatures stayed in the 40s until mid-afternoon, when they dropped into the 30s.

The Baldwins appeared to be dressed appropriately for the weather, wearing large winter jackets and boots as they walked along the deserted beach.

However, due to the cold weather, the family didn’t stay long at Little Alberts Landing Beach, only staying for about 15 minutes after throwing some seaweed into the water.

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The Baldwin family’s outing began around 11 a.m., with the family traveling to a wooded area of the affluent Hampton’s before arriving at the completely empty beach around noon.

After throwing some seaweed into the ocean and gazing out into the vastness, the actor appeared pensive at one point.

In between playing with his kids, Baldwin, a father of seven, made some phone calls, for which Sante Fe sheriffs in New Mexico issued a search warrant.

He strode around the beach, smiling, in a black winter coat and dark pants.

They left after it became too cold for Baldwin’s children to stay for more than 15 minutes.

Baldwin was seen outside his Manhattan home packing up his Escalade with Christmas wreaths, bags, and presents on Friday, and the family has been in the Hamptons since then.

Since they moved to the Hamptons, the Baldwin family has spent Christmas in the Hamptons.

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