Antonio Conte gives Spurs fans permission to dream, saying that the first half of the season is going to be all systems go.


Antonio Conte gives Spurs fans permission to dream, saying that the first half of the season is going to be all systems go.

In preparation for the first 14 weeks of this historically first Premier League season split into two halves, Antonio Conte has given Tottenham fans permission to dream.

The Spurs manager Conte acknowledged that the fans had every right to be ecstatic.

“I am thrilled because I am content and enjoying this time,” I said.

We are on the right track and can get to a crucial level because we are moving in the right direction.

I have to be practical, but I have big dreams.

We must have dreams because, when combined with hard work, dreams can lead to extraordinary things.

But you also need to be grounded in reality.

But if our supporters can see that we are moving in the right direction, it is healthy for them to feel enthusiastic.

Following a busy summer of roster reinforcement, Conte’s team will face Southampton on Saturday, a team that Spurs lost to by a score of 5 last year.

The teams then cross London to play Chelsea as they cram 16 Premier League games, along with European and Carabao Cup matches, into 99 days before the top-tier club game takes a six-week break for the World Cup in November.

Conte admitted that this would be the first time and that they were unsure of how to approach the two halves of the season.

“I’ve asked my physical trainer to focus on and prepare for these four months for them very well,” she said.

“The most crucial thing is not to think ahead.

Step by step and game by game.

After that, you enter the Champions League and have to beat your group.

Many strange things are possible.

When it comes to injuries and player development during the World Cup, you have no idea what to expect.

Our plan is to be in the best possible physical condition by the time the first half is over.

Then we’ll give these players a short break before resuming.

The manner in which players return will need to be assessed.

While others will need to work, some will need more rest.

Through the summer, coaches strengthened their teams in an effort to protect against these unknowable factors.

Only if they are ready, one team may be able to take advantage of an opportunity presented by the unpredictable nature of the factors at play.

Spurs, who signed six players early, are feeling optimistic.

Conte said, “We didn’t wait until the transfer market was over.

“The coach needs time to work with the players…”

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