As a positive RAT cartridge was discovered at Manly’s 4 Pines Park, the Covid scandal threatens the NRL before the finals.


Positive RAT cartridge from Covid scandal discovered at Manly’s 4 Pines Park before finals threatens NRL

Just one month before the finals, the NRL was rocked by a fresh Covid-19 scandal.

Unusual events occurred on Friday night at 4 Pines Park when a positive RAT cartridge was discovered in the post-game media area just before the Manly and Parramatta coaches were scheduled to speak.

The Sea Eagles and Eels were informed of the situation, and an NRL official spoke with them both, while a group of perplexed journalists remained in the press conference room about four meters away from the test.

As part of routine pre-game Covid tests, players and staff from both clubs as well as reporters tested negative, so it is still unclear how the positive test was obtained.

Des Hasler, the Sea Eagles’ head coach, eventually made his way outside for the scheduled press conference, but Daly Cherry-Evans, the team’s captain, opted to remain in the home sheds rather than risk being exposed to the test.

It took some time before Eels coach Brad Arthur spoke about his team’s 36-20 victory outside a restroom for women close to the stadium’s main entrance.

The Parramatta players’ refusal to participate in postgame interviews added to the peculiar circumstances.

Clint Gutherson, the captain, and Dylan Brown, among others, were anxious to minimize their chances of contracting the virus.

Later, a NRL official removed the positive RAT test result.

On the field, a Gutherson masterclass caused Manly’s chances of placing in the top eight to plummet.

At Brookvale, there were utterly absurd scenes.

The press conference room has a positive RAT cartridge there.

No journalists who were there.

No Eels players spoke during the press conference because DCE chose to skip it while Brad Arthur moved his outside.

No Eels players spoke as a result of DCE choosing to skip the press conference while Brad Arthur moved his outside microphone.

A COVID positive was discovered in the media room; how good are suburban grounds?

BA changed the location of his press conference to the Brookie restroom.

On Sydney’s northern beaches, a young player named Cromer Kingfishers ran 179 meters, contributed to three tries, broke two lines, busted three tackles, and scored an outstanding individual try with the game on the line.

The Eels needed their captain to perform because halfback Mitchell Moses was injured, and he didn’t let them down.

As they work to maintain consistency week to week, Parramatta’s push for the top four is beginning to look promising.

A lot of hope has been given to Eels supporters, who haven’t celebrated a championship since 1986, by victories over Manly and Penrith in the last two rounds.

While this was going on, Hasler acknowledged that his team needed to triumph in its remaining four games against the Titans, Sharks, Raiders, and Bulldogs.

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Positive RAT cartridge found in the media room at 4 Pines Park on Friday nightFollowed Parramatta’s commanding 36-20 round 21 win over Manly Sea Eagles Manly skipper Daly Cherry-Evans didn’t front the post game press conferenceParramatta coach Brad Arthur later spoke outside a women’s toilet to reporters


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