As Knights football club Peter Parr discusses recent scandals, Michael Maguire is getting ready to make his NRL comeback.


Peter Parr of the Knights football club discusses recent scandals as Michael Maguire prepares for his return to the NRL.

According to reports, Adam O’Brien is reportedly fighting to keep his NRL job despite being on notice at the Newcastle Knights.

The Knights board may reach its breaking point if the Knights lose to the Wests Tigers on Sunday at Campbelltown Sports Stadium.

Just ask the likes of Rick Stone and Nathan Brown if you want proof that they aren’t afraid to fire head coaches.

It would be the club’s fourth wooden spoon in eight seasons, so they are also desperate to avoid it.

O’Brien has every reason to be slightly anxious because Michael Maguire, who was fired by the Tigers in June, is eager to return to NRL coaching.

And it has now come to light that shortly after Maguire won a premiership with the Rabbitohs in 2014, the Knights approached him about taking over, but he decided to stay at Redfern.

Newcastle supporters will reflect on what might have been after the sliding doors incident, and as some club insiders noted, Maguire, who serves as the head coach of the NRL and New Zealand rugby league, is currently an unsigned free agent.

The Knights’ insiders want O’Brien to succeed, but they are losing patience.

Especially after placing in the top eight the previous two years, sitting in 14th place is considered unacceptable by many.

Peter Parr’s selection as the team’s new football manager is a wise choice because he has long been a fixture in the most prestigious rugby league circles and is aware of what it takes to succeed.

This week, he demonstrated his leadership by speaking out against racism and the David Klemmer scandals that have shaken the club.

After admitting he should have left the field before insulting trainer Hayden Knowles last Sunday during the Bulldogs’ 24-10 defeat, Klemmer was given a suspended fine and a one-game suspension.

The incident, according to Parr, has been forgotten by the club.

We’ve had a successful mediation session with David, so that’s the resolution right now,’ Parr told News Corp.

He acknowledged that what happened was his fault.

His apology and the way he was thinking at the time have both been accepted.

We’re all in agreement that it’s time to move on.

Tellingly, it wasn’t Knowles who voiced her displeasure with Klemmer’s on-field behavior; rather, it was a member of the club’s human resources team.

In addition to confirming that a complaint was filed after an Indigenous player, Parr has vowed to undermine the HR department’s power.

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Knights made a play for Michael Maguire after he won a NRL premiership in 2014Maguire stayed at Rabbitohs before then moving onto the Wests Tigers in 2019New football boss Peter Parr will provide much needed leadership at NewcastleParr was on the front foot in relation to David Klemmer and racism club scandals


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