As the vaccination campaign fails, cases of monkeypox are spreading throughout the UK.


Every region of the UK is experiencing cases of monkeypox as the vaccination campaign fails.

As the anti-virus vaccination campaign sputters, cases of monkeypox are now spreading to every region of the nation, according to experts.

The majority of cases of the virus, which causes painful blisters all over the body, were discovered in London when it first entered the UK in May.

Only 5% of all cases in the previous month were regional.

Now, however, there have been more than 2,800 confirmed cases, and over a third of them, according to government statistics, are in areas outside of London.

The South East, which has recorded more than 230 cases, and the North West, with 150, have seen particularly high numbers.

The updated statistics come as sexual health experts caution that the high demand for the vaccine being offered means at-risk men are having difficulty accessing it. Currently, monkeypox primarily affects gay men and spreads through close contact.

Due to the high degree of similarity between the viruses, a well-established smallpox vaccine has been used to immunize against monkeypox.

The virus can be fatal if it infects children or pregnant women, according to scientists, who also stress the importance of a successful vaccination campaign.

In the US, where there have been more than 6,600 cases of monkeypox and it has been deemed a public health emergency, it was announced last week that five children and one pregnant woman have contracted the virus.

Although none of the cases were life-threatening, reports indicate that at least ten adults have reportedly passed away as a result of contracting the illness.

Concerns about a shortage of monkeypox vaccines last month among medical professionals were first reported by The Mail on Sunday.

This newspaper was informed by insiders that at least 200,000 doses would be required, but that only 30,000 vaccines were available.

Health officials revealed they had added 100,000 a week later.

Doctors in London, however, complain that supplies are coming in slowly.

According to Dr. John McSorley, a consultant sexual health expert at London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust, “the majority of London clinics are running out of vaccines on a daily basis and are desperately trying to work with what little they have.”

Clinics, in essence, operate like low-cost airlines by overbooking patients for vaccinations they don’t need in the hopes that they will have enough on the day.

The direct result of this slow rollout, according to Dr. McSorley, a former president of the British Association For Sexual Health And HIV, is the spread of monkeypox to other parts of the nation.

These increasing numbers across the nation are a result of the government’s inaction.

“We have to head this off…”

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After first arriving in the UK in March, cases have now spread across the country Experts say a successful vaccination campaign is needed to stop the diseaseBut there are concerns about a shortage of jabs, with supplies arriving slowly


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