Ashley Young, a 26-year-old receptionist on The Apprentice, is the show’s newest star.


Ashley Young, the show’s newest star, is a receptionist on The Apprentice.

Lord Sugar is looking for a new business partner now that The Apprentice has returned.

However, the 74-year-old Amstrad founder has already hired a new receptionist, Ashley Young.

Ashley, who was born without the lower half of her right arm, has a small but crucial role in every episode of the hit BBC1 show, telling the nervous candidates, ‘Lord Sugar will see you now.’

Zebedee Management, a specialist talent agency that champions people with disabilities or alternative appearances, recommended the 26-year-old from Florida for the part.

Watch the video below.

The brunette beauty sports a golden prosthesis and a Covvi Nexus bionic hand, referring to herself as an ‘American Cyborg’ on her popular Instagram account.

After moving to London in January 2019, she signed with Zebedee and has since appeared on the cover of Boots’ Health and Wellness magazine and landed a campaign with Seasalt Cornwall.

Ashley admitted to the Daily Mirror that she was nervous on set of The Apprentice, which filmed between June and August 2021, because it was her biggest role yet.

‘I’d never worked as a receptionist before, and this was my first acting role with a speaking part, so I was a little apprehensive at first.

Fortunately, they provided me with an entire wardrobe of business attire to wear.

‘When I first had to take Lord Sugar’s boardroom call, I was nervous and sweating because all of the contestants were staring at me, but I quickly got used to it and relaxed.

‘I’m ecstatic to have gotten the part; it’s the most important job I’ve ever done.’

My ambition is to appear on Strictly someday.’

Ashley grew up in Orlando and worked as a performer at Universal Studios before marrying model husband James, who wears a prosthetic arm and leg.

She’s also a trained dancer who has appeared on the BBC’s Glow Up makeup reality show.

In her social media posts, which include candid shots of her horseback riding and demonstrating her gymnastics skills, she exudes confidence.

Ashley, on the other hand, writes about the sometimes difficult reality of having a visible disability.

Ashley revealed in a recent TikTok video that people sometimes call her “gross” and ask, “Does it hurt?” in an Instagram post.

‘Some days are harder than others,’ she explained.

This was something I really wanted to do…

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