Australia is called CHEATS after the umpire’s decision as controversy rocks the hockey gold medal qualifying match.


Australia is called CHEATS following an umpire decision, and controversy erupts during the hockey gold medal qualifying match.

The Australian Hockeyroos entered the women’s hockey gold medal match at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games to boos and have since been called “cheats” after winning thanks to an “amateur” umpire’s decision.

However, Hockeyroos star Rosie Malone can thank the universe after being gifted a second chance to sink India in a contentious penalty shootout victory. Australia will play England for the gold medal on Sunday.

The penalty shootout had some wild scenes.

Rosie Malone’s initial attempt was rejected, but a second attempt was allowed because the clock hadn’t started.

The Hockeyroos won 3-0 in the shootout after the scores in the semi-final on Friday night were tied 1-1 at the end of regulation.

With Australia’s Malone firing first and missing, the shootout got underway amid a blaze of controversy.

The scoreboard’s eight-second countdown clock wasn’t working, so Malone was given a second chance.

Assi, Assi, Assi

Make a big deal out of it.

(hashtag)B2022pic.twitter.comuRRs80fHlS Our Hockeyroos have advanced to the gold medal game against England.

Kaitlin Nobbs and Amy Lawton, two of Malone’s teammates, also scored after Nobbs’ second attempt was successful.

The choice was legally correct, but given the significance of the game and the stakes involved, it was also a highly contentious one.

The decision shocked Australian commentators, with former international Georgie Parker calling it “amateur and unfortunate.”

Alastair Nichoson stated on Channel 7 that “that would be a national outrage if that happened to Australia.”

While many Australian and neutral fans suggested the Hockeyroos should have denied the second-chance shot, irate Indian fans vented their frustrations on social media by calling the Hockeyroos cheats.

Australian sportsmanship is lacking.

That is indisputable.

Indians should be very sorry.

But I’m not shocked by the level of sportsmanship from an Australian team,” tweeted Anikesh Johari.

breathe in

Letting out a breath

Letting out a breath

Reply to this with @birminghamcg22@FIH_Hockey@Hockeyroos

No control over the choice, but complete control over how they react.

On the retake, the player ought to have simply hit the ball over the sideline.

Sportsmanship matters,’ wrote John Kramer on Facebook.

Only India suffers, a user with an anonymous profile tweeted.

No other team that I have observed committing such fraud or making such alleged errors.

It was so unfair for India v. Australia’s penalty shootout to begin with “The Final Everyone Wanted” – pathetic, biased BBC commentary throughout hockey at (hashtag)CWG2022Save but technical fault.

Here is Vandana Katariya’s equalizer, capping off a fantastic performance.

Can defeat New Zealand and claim image via Twitter, 2snt1SqgtF

Can defeat NZ and claim pic.twitter.com2snt1SqgtF

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The Aussie Hockeyroos are into the women’s gold medal match against England Their semi-final against India had a highly controversial finish in penaltiesAfter an Aussie player missed a penalty shot, they got a second chance to scoreIndian fans are fuming and commentators called the decision ‘amateur ‘


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