Banker Richard Lynton-Jones, who called Michelle Mone “waste of a white man’s skin,” receives £50,000 from Michelle Mone.


Banker Richard Lynton-Jones, whom Michelle Mone paid £50,000, called her “waste of a white man’s skin.”

Following her characterization of an Indian-American man as a “waste of a white man’s skin,” conservative peer Michelle Mone has settled a High Court claim for racial abuse.

The lingerie tycoon, who founded the Ultimo brand and went by the moniker Baroness Bra, is understood to have settled a lawsuit brought by Monaco-based financial consultant Richard Lynton-Jones for more than £50,000, according to The Mail on Sunday.

The Glasgow-born baroness’s attorneys claimed that when she made the remark in a WhatsApp message in 2019, she thought Mr. Lynton-Jones was “100% white and British” and that there was “no trace whatsoever of non-white coloring or any features.”

The Metropolitan Police started an investigation last year, and in January Mr. Lynton-Jones filed a libel lawsuit against her.

The civil case arising from the death of a deckhand in 2019 while Lady Mone and Mr. Lynton-Jones were vacationing on the French Riviera has been resolved, despite the fact that the criminal investigation was dropped.

While Mr. Lynton-Jones was a guest on Vision, a superyacht chartered by British internet gaming millionaire Richard Skelhorn, Lady Mone was on her billionaire husband Doug Barrowman’s superyacht, Minx.

After eating lunch on the island of Ile Sainte-Marguerite, the two passenger groups rowed their yachts together and boarded and disembarked one another’s vessels.

Jake Feldwhere, a 27-year-old British deckhand, was killed when Vision struck Mr. Barrowman’s boat by accident on the way home.

Three weeks later, Lady Mone, 50, lashed out at Mr. Lynton-Jones in a very emotional passenger group chat.

She used the expression “waste of a man’s white skin,” which is thought to have come from South Africa in the 1940s.

Along with calling her a “mental loony” and a “nut case bird,” Lady Mone also had harsh words for Mr. Lynton-Jones’s fiancée.

Mr. Lynton-Jones, whose mother is thought to have Indian ancestry, asked Lady Mone for at least £200,000 in aggravated damages.

I haven’t done anything wrong, he claimed, other than to be a victim of racism.

It is unacceptable for a member of the House of Lords to practice racism in this society.

That is abhorrent.

Her attorneys refuted claims that Lady Mone was racist.

According to her spokesman, “the matter is now resolved” and “both parties have settled their differences on a no fault or damages basis in relation to the alleged racist claim.”

Lady Mone is still under investigation despite reaching a settlement with Mr. Lynton-Jones.

A criminal investigation into her husband’s and her connections is still going on.

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Tory peer Michelle Mone, 50, has had to pay over £50k to a financial consultantThe lingerie tycoon called a man of Indian heritage a ‘waste of a white man’s skin’Glasgow-born  ‘Baroness Bra’ said she thought Richard Lynton-Jones was white


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