BRUMBITES: George Miller, 75, wins the oldest gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.


George Miller, who is 75 years old, wins the oldest gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.

George Miller helped the visually impaired Melanie Innes win the B2B3 mixed pairs bowls, becoming the oldest gold medalist in the history of the Commonwealth Games.

A speaker cover that fell from the roof forced the start of Friday’s morning wrestling to be postponed.

But after safety checks were completed, the event did resume two hours later.

In contrast, England made history when Marfa Ekimova won the nation’s first-ever gold medal in rhythmic gymnastics at the competition.

After winning the B2B3 mixed pairs bowls championship, George Miller, 75, set a record for the oldest Games gold medalist ever.

Melanie Innes, a bowler who is visually impaired, won with Robert Barr and his director Sarah Jane Ewing under Miller’s direction (a sighted person acts as an assistant).

The wrestling match from yesterday morning was halted by a speaker.

Almost two hours of the performance were lost because a speaker cover at the Coventry Arena fell from the roof.

Although there were no injuries among the spectators, the crowd was removed from the area while safety checks were made.

With her first-ever gold medal in rhythmic gymnastics at the Olympics, Marfa Ekimova made history for England.

The 17-year-old declared that winning the individual all-around competition was “a dream come true” as she swept to victory.

Every gymnast’s dream came true, it was absolute madness.

George Miller assisted Melanie Innes to the gold medal in the mixed bowls Scotland marched to victory in the B2/B3 mixed bowls events in Victoria ParkThe wrestling had to be abandoned for two hours after a speaker cover fellMarfa Ekimova made history becoming England’s first ever rhythmic gymnastics gold medallist


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