Bryan Brown, a renowned actor, discusses how a demanding miniseries shoot contributed to his anxiety.


Bryan Brown, a renowned actor, discusses how his anxiety was brought on by a demanding miniseries shoot.

Veteran Australian actor Bryan Brown said on Saturday that a recent miniseries production triggered his anxiety despite the fact that he has made a career out of portraying characters who are tough as nails.

The Two Hands actor revealed how the 18-week shoot for the Acorn TV miniseries Darby and Joan in Queensland last year with co-star Greta Scacchi affected his mental health.

He admitted to having trouble sleeping to The Daily Telegraph, blaming it on both the protracted shoot and his extended absence from his family.

I think the days of playing a character are fine, but it’s when you wake up in the middle of the night with pressure on you and you can’t go to sleep, he said.

You then begin to think, “Holy Christ.”

At 5 a.m., someone will pick me up.

I should probably go back to sleep.

The ongoing Covid pandemic, the 75-year-old continued, affected the production’s mood in general.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of it; it just happens, he said.

The couple will commemorate their 40th wedding anniversary next year after Bryan wed Rachel Ward in 1983.

The two first met in 1982 while Bryan courted his co-star with a palm reading on the set of the TV miniseries The Thorn Birds.

We were waiting for a take one day, so I asked, “Give us a look at your hand.”

She gave me her hand, and I saw three lines, so I told her, “You’re going to have three kids,” he previously told A Current Affair.

Rosie, 38; Matilda; and Joe, 30 are the three kids that Bryan and Rachel eventually had together.

The actor, who recently starred in the Australian science fiction series Bloom, is still very active in his acting career.


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