Business and health leaders are urging the government to end the 10-day economic isolation that is crippling the country.


Business and health leaders are urging the government to end the 10-day economic isolation that is crippling the country.

Last night, health experts and business leaders said that Covid isolation rules must be relaxed to keep Britain from collapsing.

They warned that the ten-day rule was a form of “lockdown by stealth,” keeping people at home even after their symptoms and infectiousness had subsided.

Leading doctors have suggested that those who test negative for at least two days in a row could be released early from quarantine.

The number of daily virus cases reached a new high of 93,000 yesterday, with the number expected to rise significantly, raising fears that self-isolation will disrupt schools, hospitals, and the economy.

According to studies, sufferers may not be infectious for the entire ten days, and some may be clear after only three.

‘People are most infectious in the first five days,’ according to Paul Hunter, a professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia.

‘After three days, some people are no longer infectious, so keeping them locked up is pointless.’

‘Isolating people for ten days when they are no longer infectious will harm the economy and leave vital public services like the NHS understaffed.

People could be allowed to leave quarantine if they test negative for two days in a row on a daily lateral flow test.’

It’s unclear whether Omicron, the Covid variant that’s causing the uptick, is milder.

However, data from South Africa indicates that it is causing fewer hospitalizations and deaths than previous variants.

Patients on Covid wards spend less time on average, according to doctors there.

‘Safely reducing the quarantine period from ten days could increase compliance, improve staffing in healthcare, and benefit the economy,’ Dr Bharat Pankhania, a lecturer at the University of Exeter medical school, added.

‘Confirmed cases can take a daily lateral flow test and be released after three negative results in a row, or they can take one PCR after five days.’

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