China simulates an invasion of Taiwan while conducting naval and air drills in the Taiwan Strait


China simulates an invasion of Taiwan while conducting naval and air drills in the Taiwan Strait

According to the island’s Ministry of Defence, China practiced an invasion of Taiwan today after a large number of aircraft and warships crossed the Taiwan Strait’s median line.

A few days have passed since US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s irate visit to Taipei, which featured 20 Chinese aircraft and 14 ships in an extremely aggressive display of intimidation.

In response to the Chinese exercises, the Taiwanese armed forces sent out an alert, sent out air and naval patrols around the island, and turned on land-based missile systems, the ministry said.

In what amounted to a blockade of the island—an act of war under international law—zones designated by China as no-go areas during the exercises for other ships and aircraft, the ministry claimed, had “seriously damaged the peace.”

In a situation resembling that of Ukraine in February, the Taiwanese military emphasized that it did not want to poke the dragon but would defend itself if attacked.

Since it was drawn by a US general in 1955, the median line has served as an unofficial border separating the two belligerent sides.

With a focus on “testing the capabilities” of its land strike and sea assault systems, China conducted military drills as scheduled in the sea and airspaces to Taiwan’s north, southwest, and east, according to a statement from the Ministry of Defense on Saturday.

As retaliation for Pelosi’s earlier this week visit to Taiwan, China began conducting live-fire military drills, claiming that this was a violation of the “one-China” policy.

Visits to Taiwan by foreign dignitaries are seen as recognition of the island’s sovereignty by China, which views it as a breakaway province that can be incorporated into its territory through coercion, if necessary.

The Taiwanese army also claimed that on Friday night, it had spotted four unmanned aerial vehicles flying close to the island of Kinmen and had responded by firing flares as a precaution.

According to Taiwan’s Kinmen Defense Command, the four drones—which Taiwan believed to be Chinese—were seen flying over the waters near the Lieyu Island and Beiding islet as well as the Kinmen island group.

Kinmen, also referred to as Quemoy, is a collection of islands in the Taiwan Strait, just 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) east of the Chinese coastal city of Xiamen in the Fujian province. The Taiwan Strait separates the two sides that broke apart during civil war in 1949.

The president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, stated in a tweet that “our government and military are closely monitoring China’s military drills and information warfare operations, and are ready to respond as necessary.”

“I urge the international community to support democratic Taiwan and stop any escalation of the regional security,”

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China simulated an invasion of Taiwan today with dozens of jets and warshipsSome 20 Chinese aircraft and 14 ships crossed the median line of Taiwan StraitComes days after US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei that infuriated Beijing China said it was ‘testing capabilities’ of its land strike and sea assault systems


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