Christine Lee, a Chinese spy, is a Hong Kong immigrant’s daughter.


Christine Lee is the daughter of a Hong Kong immigrant.

The MI5 security alert’s mother is the daughter of a Hong Kong immigrant who owned Chinese takeaways and restaurants.

Christine Lee moved to Northern Ireland with her parents in 1974, then to the West Midlands in 1985, marrying her first husband in Birmingham when she was 21 years old.

She married Martin Wilkes in Solihull five years later, and they have two children together.

Mr Wilkes, 71, is a director of five of Miss Lee’s companies and has been described as the head of Christine Lee andamp; Co’s Birmingham office and conveyancing department.

According to his bio on the firm’s website, he is in charge of the’smooth running of the firm’ and has more than three decades of experience in property law.

There is no evidence that Mr Wilkes committed any wrongdoing.

Mr Wilkes introduced his wife to a family member at a Chinese restaurant after a family christening, according to a family source.

‘Christine seemed very nice, and [she and Martin]were a nice couple,’ said the source.

I knew she was a lawyer with a high IQ.

We last saw them in Birmingham, but it’s been a while.

‘Martin was a childhood friend of ours, and this is such a shock.’

‘I didn’t realize it was the same woman when I saw her on the news.’

This is a fantastic twist because she doesn’t go by the name Wilkes.

Martin is a nice guy, but we haven’t talked in years.

Everyone is going to be shaken by this.’

‘It’s a bit of a shock to think there’s a spy in the family,’ said another source. The couple and their two sons appear to have amassed a large fortune, owning two properties worth £1.77 million.

Miss Lee and Mr Wilkes live in a £1 million home in an upmarket gated estate in Solihull, where three luxury cars were parked yesterday.

Miss Lee has previously spoken about her ‘troubled’ upbringing in Belfast, where she attended a prestigious boarding school.

She remembered being teased and bullied because of her “yellow skin and black eyes.”

She also spoke about how she encouraged the ‘weaker boarders’ to band together and stand up to the bullies in a candid YouTube video.

‘At first, they had no idea what to do, so I taught them kung fu,’ she explained.

‘I didn’t know much about kung fu before I saw Bruce Lee, so I just watched him…

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Christine Lee moved with her parents to Northern Ireland in 1974 before relocating to the West Midlands in 1985She married her first husband in Birmingham when she was 21Some five years later she married Martin Wilkes in Solihull; they had two childrenMr Wilkes, 71, who is also a solicitor, is listed as a director of five of Miss Lee’s companies


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