Christine Lee was discovered to be a communist agent TODAY, according to a former Labour minister.


Christine Lee is a communist agent, according to a former Labour minister.

The security services issued a rare warning to MPs and peers, citing concerns that a Chinese government agent may have been present in Parliament.

After concerns were raised that Christine Ching Kui Lee was not being open about her ties to the Chinese state and may have ulterior motives for her involvement with parliamentarians, MI5 issued a Security Service Interference Alert on Thursday containing allegations about her.

While this isn’t the first time such a warning has been issued, official warnings like this are uncommon.

‘I am writing now to draw your attention to the attached Interference Alert issued by the Security Service, MI5, about the activities of an individual, Christine Lee, who has been engaged in political interference activities on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party, engaging with Members here at Parliament and associated political entities, including the former APPG: Chinese in Britain,’ said the Speaker in a letter accompanying the alert.

‘I should point out that Lee has facilitated financial donations on behalf of foreign nationals based in Hong Kong and China to serving and aspiring Parliamentarians.’

‘This facilitation was done underhandedly in order to conceal the source of the payments.’

‘This is clearly unacceptable behavior, and we are taking steps to ensure that it stops.’

Members of the now-defunct Chinese in Britain All Party Parliamentary Group were among the MPs Sir Lindsay contacted, according to the cover letter.

Mr Gardiner presided over the meeting, which included Labour’s Keith Vaz, Stephen Pound, Faisal Rashid, and Gareth Thomas, as well as Conservative David Morris.

Tonight, Labour MP Barry Gardiner defended accepting more than half a million pounds from a solicitor who has now been exposed as a Chinese spy.

In a shocking email today, MPs were warned to stay away from Christine Lee, 58, who has been under surveillance by the security services for some time.

Although she has not been arrested and is not currently facing expulsion, the Speaker’s Parliamentary security team issued a warning memo to all MPs and peers in Westminster today.

Mr Gardiner, a former frontbencher who later became a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, had received large sums of money from her over the past decade and had employed her son Daniel in his parliamentary office until today.

Mr Gardiner told Sky News that he only discovered she was a spy today during a meeting with MI5 agents.

He claimed, however, that he had talked to them about her money for years and that their relationship had been cleared to…

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