Concerns are growing for a 50-year-old British charity worker who was swept away by Tonga’s historic tsunami.


Concerns are growing for a 50-year-old British charity worker who was swept away by Tonga’s historic tsunami.

Concerns are growing for a British aid worker in Tonga after another massive eruption erupted last night, causing a once-in-a-lifetime explosion that ripped through the island and was visible from space.

Angela Glover, 50, was last seen in person by her husband James on the Polynesian island of Veitongo when a wall of water smashed through their coastal home.

Concerned relatives in Australia have taken to social media to ask for updates on the former advertising executive’s condition and whereabouts.

‘URGENT! If anyone has Angela’s address please can you DM me or phone me,’ Angela’s brother Nick Eleini, who lives in Sydney, wrote on Facebook.

At around 10pm GMT on Sunday, the Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre reported a separate ‘large explosion’ at the Tonga volcano.

‘This could be from another eruption of Tonga volcano,’ the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said.

There are no known large earthquakes that could cause this wave.’

After experts warned that up to 80,000 people could be affected by the tsunami, which has left islanders without power and communications, New Zealand has dispatched a plane to assess the initial damage caused by the explosion.

Large parts of the island remain inaccessible, and there has been’significant damage,’ according to Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, but no deaths have been reported so far, according to MailOnline.

The Foreign Office confirmed on Saturday that it was assisting a group of Britons stranded on the island as a result of an undersea volcanic eruption that was felt as far away as California’s west coast.

The explosion triggered a 7.4-magnitude earthquake and tsunami waves that slammed into the Pacific island’s coast, blanketing it in ash and cutting it off from aid.

Despite the dire warnings, spectators flocked to the beaches to watch the surging tsunami waves, while surfers threw caution to the wind in order to catch the powerful waves generated by the surge.

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