Demi Lovato sings a duet with a woke GHOST who despises men.


Demi Lovato sings a duet with a woke GHOST who hates men.

Demi Lovato’s haunting voice found an otherworldly new audience this week, serenading a woke ghost dealing with sexism’s trauma in the afterlife.

In the latest episode of their Peacock TV show, Unidentified With Demi Lovato, the singer and activist – who identifies as non-binary – found themselves singing to a grateful apparition while investigating paranormal disturbances.

With close friend Matthew Scott and paranormal investigator Chris Smith, Lovato gave an impromptu performance while visiting the abandoned Arizona town of Vulture City, which is said to be the source of numerous ghostly disturbances.

When the trio entered a dilapidated former brothel, they encountered Carmen, a ghost with strong feminist leanings and a lingering grudge against men due to mistreatment by the opposite sex in her life.

The group engaged in an unlikely conversation after managing to communicate with a technologically savvy Carmen via an EMF detector – a piece of equipment that emits a sharp, high-pitched noise whenever paranormal contact is made.

‘Have you seen any ETs, UFOs, or star people here?’ Lovato inquired, only for the EMF detector to abruptly go silent.

‘Did you not want to say anything else because the boys were in here?’ they added, instinctively realizing Carmen’s sudden shyness might have something to do with her male coworkers.

The detector responded sharply to the question, and woke warrior Lovato pounced on a possible answer right away.

They said, ‘I think – Oh, I get that a lot.’

‘She’s been through a lot.

That is why she dislikes men.

I, too, have experienced trauma, so I understand.’

Lovato proceeded to empower Carmen by singing an acapella rendition of their 2011 single, Skyscraper, with the help of Scott and Smith who waited outside the room.

The detector emitted three short bursts after finishing a verse from the track, indicating a positive response from Carmen.

‘That’s the coolest standing ovation I’ve ever gotten,’ Lovato exclaimed, clearly ecstatic.

Demi Lovato received backlash in 2018 after revealing she played a prank on her bodyguard, which many compared to sexual assault.

‘Sorry if anyone was offended,’ she later said, despite initially standing by her statement.

2019: Demi Lovato was forced to apologize after accepting a free trip to Israel, which sparked outrage due to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

‘This was supposed to be a spiritual…,’ she said in a statement.

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