Dramatic scene: Asian smoke shop owner in Las Vegas stabs robber who jumped the counter.


In a dramatic turn of events, a Las Vegas tobacco shop owner of Asian descent stabs a robber who leaped the counter.

After the would-be thief tried to jump the counter, the owner of a Las Vegas smoke shop was seen on camera stabbing him seven times.

According to 8NewsNow, Johnny Nguyen, the employee manning the counter at Smokestrom Smoke Shop on Wednesday, saw two individuals enter wearing masks who were only described as being juveniles.

Why are you wearing masks like that, Nguyen can be heard asking. When they continue to evade him, he begs them “to just leave.”

The cashier remarked, “At first I thought they were just regular customers, but then I saw that they were wearing something like ski masks.

The only thing I wanted to do was make sure I could defend myself because I had to assume they had a gun.

He continues by saying that even though he didn’t notice any firearms, he decided against taking a chance because of the circumstances.

Soon after, one of the two young people takes what appears to be a mug from the counter next to Nguyen’s cash register and moves toward the door.

Nguyen says he can take the mug but leave the coins inside it in an effort to talk sense into him.

The same child then reaches for and seizes a different object before turning and attempting to flee with it.

The other young person then leaps over the glass display and runs toward Nguyen, who can be seen on camera grabbing a potentially sharp object by his register.

The clerk then charges at the child and appears to stab him seven times as the child screams “I’m dead! I’m dead!” audibly.

He then drops to the floor.

Nguyen claimed that it was an “adrenaline rush and fight or flight even thinking about it now has my heart rate slightly elevated.”

After leaving the disguised criminal near Smokestrom’s entrance, he dials 911. On the call, he can be overheard telling Nguyen that this “wasn’t my idea” and pleading with him to “not let me die.”

Obviously, I don’t believe he intended to be stabbed on that particular day, but attempting to rob a business entails some degree of risk.

Clearly, this is a small business, Nguyen said.

The police in Las Vegas apprehended both would-be robbers.

Nguyen’s victim received medical attention at a hospital for his wounds.

Johnny Nguyen, the clerk working the counter of Smokestrom Smoke Shop at the time, saw two people described only as juveniles enter wearing masks Nguyen can be heard asking: ‘Why are you guys wearing masks like that?’ After they refuse to answer, he requests them ‘to just leave’ The clerk said that ‘at first I thought they were normal customers and then I realized they had like ski masks on. I had to assume they had a firearm’ He adds that though he never saw a visible firearm, he felt ‘I couldn’t take that chance’ given the situation


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