Due to conflicting schedules, Moeen Ali is concerned that ODI cricket may end in “a couple of years.”


Due to conflicting schedules, Moeen Ali worries that One-Day International cricket may end in ‘a couple of years.

If nothing is done to balance the sport’s unbalanced fixture list, Moeen Ali has warned that one-day international cricket may end “in a couple of years.”

Ben Stokes recently decided to stop playing in the 50-over format, and Ali predicted that others would do the same because the current system is unsustainable in a scathing indictment of the game’s governance.

Additionally, he painted a gloomy picture for the future of Test cricket, warning that talented young players may “turn their backs” on a format that has been the centerpiece of the international game since 1877, as new T20 franchise competitions are springing up with increasing regularity.

‘International cricket in all three formats is by far the best cricket to play,’ said Ali, who announced his retirement from Test cricket last year under the pretext of exhaustion before changing his mind in June.

However, I am concerned that there are so many tournaments that players are retiring more frequently now – and you will see more retiring soon – due to conflicting schedules.

“I sense that there is no balance.”

The current state of affairs is chaotic.

I worry that we will lose the 50-over format in a few years, so something must be done.

If that makes sense, it’s almost as boring as the long one.

There are T20 tournaments and Test matches, both of which are excellent, and then the 50-over format is just in the middle and currently isn’t given much consideration.

So, yes, there seems to be too much going on.

Although there is always cricket being played, it shouldn’t get in the way of international cricket. It’s kind of great.

Ironically, Ali was giving a speech at the summer cricket roadshow launch for KP Snacks, a project connected to the Hundred, in which he captains the Birmingham Phoenix.

And even though the Hundred, which occupied primetime weeks in the height of summer and extended England’s Test series against South Africa into September, may be just one sign of a larger ailment, Ali thinks the administrators of the game are forcing the players to make unjust decisions.

There is a lot of money to be made for young players outside of international cricket, according to this statement.

Due to the financial incentive, you almost say, “I’m not too bothered.”

But if you lose that zeal, I believe you also lose your passion for Test cricket, the game’s highest form.

‘I know it’s early, but there are so many excellent players out there who might not be concerned that they need to play Test cricket, whereas I estimate about 10…

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Moeen Ali fears that ODI cricket could disappear due to overlapping schedules Ali retired from Test cricket last year but returned to the format in June Ben Stokes is the latest player to quit the 50-over format and more could follow


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