During a winter storm, four tornadoes hit Florida, with the fastest twisters reaching 118 miles per hour.


During a winter storm, four tornadoes hit Florida, with the fastest twisters reaching 118 miles per hour.

A powerful winter storm that blanketed much of the eastern United States in snow and ice brought four tornadoes to Florida on Sunday morning, injuring at least four people and wreaking havoc.

Officials say the tornadoes destroyed 65 homes and over 100 mobile homes in three communities, displacing hundreds of people.

A semi-truck flipped on its side as an EF-1 storm crossed Interstate 75 in Charlotte County, according to Fox Weather. The storm reached speeds of 110 mph and spanned about 50 yards wide.

The trucker sustained minor injuries as a result of the collision.

As an EF-2 storm moved through Lee County, bringing heavy rain and strong winds, video captured by Fort Meyers residents showed debris flying through the air.

The twister obliterated the Tropicana RV Resort, destroying 28 homes and rendering another 62 uninhabitable, according to Lee County Commissioner Cecil Pendergrass.

At least four residents were injured as a result of the incident.

On Sunday, two EF-0 tornadoes touched down, bringing down power lines, trees, and ripping the roofs off several homes.

The EF-2 or stronger tornado that ripped through the Iona area near Fort Myers on Sunday was Lee County’s first since January 2016.

Several homes were ripped apart by the storm, which reached 118 mph and left at least 28 homes destroyed, 24 with major damage, and 14 with minor damage.

Hundreds of residents who have been displaced have been offered temporary housing.

The twister also hit Cottage Point Trailer Park, where an 81-year-old man described his house being ripped apart.

A tornado passed through Fort Myers, Florida this morning, causing some scary moments.

The location was the Gulf Harbour Yacht and Country Club.

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Edward Murray told the Naples Daily News that a tornado picked up his mobile home and tossed it on top of his neighbor’s house early Sunday morning.

He told the newspaper, “That’s my house turned upside down.”

‘The tornado blew me off my feet, buried me under the sink, refrigerator, kitchen chairs, and everything else.’

Murray and his daughter, Cokie, crawled out of the wreckage unharmed.

Murray, 81, said, “I was so happy when I saw the sky.”

“It’s not going to be today,” I told the devil.

Several buildings in Iona, Florida, were also damaged, according to reports.

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