During her vehement CPAC speech, Lauren Boebert will claim that GOP leaders have “disappointed her too many times.”


In an enraged speech at CPAC, Lauren Boebert will claim that GOP leaders have “disappointed her too many times.”

Libertarian Party Representative

Assertive conservative leadership from a potential GOP majority is what Lauren Boebert is expected to demand in a fiery CPAC speech on Saturday.

In a speech that suggests she may be reluctant to support certain Republicans who will compete for party leadership positions, including Rep. Boebert, she will tell the party she has been “disappointed too many times.”

Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, who will seek the speakership if the GOP wins a majority in the election of 2022.

At the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, according to Fox News, Boebert intends to tell the audience that she and her “fellow warriors” in the House Freedom Caucus are “ready for battle.”

She is anticipated to say, “I wish I could say that I had full faith in the GOP leadership in both the House and Senate to defund the deep state and to hold the Biden regime accountable.”

Boebert’s suggested priorities include “fire Anthony Fauci, secure the southern border, and end medical tyranny.”

Any Republican who rejects these ideas won’t have her support, she’ll declare.

Not in their reelection, and definitely not for speaker.

The Freedom Caucus expelled John Boehner and ran off weak Paul Ryan, and it has stated that it will not stand for another Republican speaker who favors working with Democrats over other Republicans.

Former House Speaker John Boehner, a Republican from Ohio, claimed that Boebert and the Freedom Caucus are similar to AOC and The Squad in how they complicate the party’s ability to run effectively.

“What Nancy Pelosi and other sane Democrats — the ones who have been around long enough to know how things work — are dealing with from AOC and her Squad reminds me a lot of what I had to deal with during my days as Speaker from the far-right kooks of the Tea Party or the Freedom Caucus or whatever they were calling themselves,” wrote Boehner in his book, “On the House,” which was released in 2021.

“Republicans in the House must stop supporting tyranny.”

Boebert’s speech will state, “I will not vote to fund a government that mandates the COVID vaccine while permitting the invasion of our country by millions of unvaccinated aliens.”

Build the wall or I’ll vote to fire Biden’s bureaucrats if you don’t end the vaccination mandate for our medical staff and military personnel.

When it comes to the House of Representatives, many believe that Republicans will regain control after the midterm elections in November, which is why Boebert made his aggressive speech.

As for “my,” Boebert continued,

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Freedom Caucus Rep. Lauren Boebert plans to call out Republican leadership in a fiery CPAC speech on SaturdayBoebert will tell the party she has been ‘disappointed too many times’ in a speech that suggests she may be unwilling to support certain RepublicansOn the list of Boebert’s proposed priorities are ‘end medical tyranny, secure the southern border and fire Anthony Fauci’Former President Donald Trump and Kimberley Guilfoyle are also expected to speak at the event in Dallas


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