Following accusations that Ukraine was the subject of “Russian propaganda,” the head of Amnesty International in Kiev resigns.


After the organization charged Ukraine with “Russian propaganda,” the head of Amnesty International in Kiev resigns.

Following the publication of a “pro-Russia” report by Amnesty International that criticized Ukraine for “endangering civilians,” the head of the organization’s Ukraine branch has abruptly resigned.

On Thursday, Oksana Pokalchuk claimed that the contentious study had “unwittingly created material that sounded like support for Russian narratives.”

‘Seeking to protect civilians, this study has instead become a tool of Russian propaganda,’ she continued in a Facebook post from last night.

You probably have no idea what it’s like to condemn an army of defenders if you don’t reside in a nation that is being torn apart by invaders.

Furthermore, no language or combination of languages can adequately express this to a person who has not experienced this suffering.

“It hurts me to say it, but we had a values-based disagreement with the Amnesty International leadership.

I chose to leave for that reason.

The NGO published a list of 19 towns and cities where Ukrainian forces are alleged to have placed civilians in danger by stationing soldiers in residential areas on Thursday.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, reacted angrily to the group’s report by accusing it of victim blaming.

He claimed that its goal was to “offer amnesty [to]the terrorist state and transfer blame from the aggressor to the victim.”

Amnesty said on Friday that it fully stood by its accusations despite the criticism it had received.

An Amnesty spokesman told MailOnline that the organization “will never ignore human rights violations.”

Agnes Callamard, the organization’s Secretary General, said to AFP later on Friday that “Amnesty fully stands by our research.”

The results “were based on evidence gathered during extensive investigations that were subject to the same rigorous standards and due diligence processes as all of Amnesty International’s work,” she continued.

According to Ukrainian officials, every effort is made to remove civilians from areas near the front lines.

Although Putin’s forces reportedly shelled humanitarian corridors in Mariupol during the first three months of the war, Russia denies targeting civilians in its so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Also reported were widespread war crimes in Bucha, a suburb of Kiev, which appeared to be captured on horrifying video.

It happened at the same time that the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) issued a warning that the Russian invasion had entered a “new phase,” with Putin’s army preparing to send a new battalion to defend the city of Kherson that it had occupied.

This morning, the MoD announced that battalion tactical groups (BTG), which are made up of between 800 and 1,000 soldiers, had been sent to Crimea and would almost certainly be used to support Russian forces there.

Oksana Pokalchuk slammed the divisive report as ‘a tool of Russian propaganda’Amnesty International had accused Ukrainian soldiers of endangering civiliansControversial study slammed by Zelensky as letting Putin’s army off the hookMs Pokalchuk added: ‘If you don’t live in a country being torn to pieces by invaders, you don’t understand what it’s like to condemn an army of defenders’


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