Following Russian torture, a 53-year-old Ukrainian medic was inspired to continue fighting in the war by Prince Harry.


Following Russian torture, a 53-year-old Ukrainian medic was inspired to continue fighting in the war by Prince Harry.

A phone call from Prince Harry she received after her release motivated a Ukrainian nurse who had been tortured and imprisoned by Russian forces for three months to “continue fighting” for her nation.

Yulia Paievska, a 53-year-old volunteer paramedic, was abducted by Russian soldiers in March as she was making her way to a Mariupol theater where a bombing had occurred to provide aid to the injured.

According to The Telegraph, she claimed that she was interrogated for three months and given false information that Ukraine had been destroyed during the invasion.

One week after being freed by her captors, Ms. Paievska, a participant in the Ukrainian team for the Invictus Games, got a call from the Duke of Sussex.

He spoke “strongly and honestly,” according to her, about the conflict in Ukraine.

He merely motivated me to keep fighting, said Ms. Paievska.

He declared his support for us all, including Ukraine.

Ms. Paievska claims that she is adamant about continuing to support Ukraine as it defends itself against ongoing Russian aggression, despite the trauma of her captivity.

In 2014, she underwent paramedic retraining in order to assist as unrest spread to the eastern Donbas region, and she established Tayra’s Angels, a volunteer ambulance corps.

After treating 500 Ukrainian soldiers in the Dombasas and instructing 8,000 people in tactical medicine, Ms. Paievska has achieved fame within her own nation.

On March 16, she and a coworker were operating an ambulance through a corridor for medical vehicles when they were ambushed by Russian troops who viewed her as a high-profile target.

With only half a glass of water to drink each day and no medication for her thyroid or asthma, Ms. Paievska was placed in solitary confinement.

Later, she was transferred to a 10 ft by 20 ft women’s cell, where she claims the captives were regularly beaten and electrically tortured.

Because the Russians were already in Kyiv when we left, she claimed, she had no idea what was going on in the outside world and didn’t even know if her family was still alive or if their home had survived.

Ms. Paievska claims that the Russian guards misled the prisoners by telling them that the war was being lost by Ukraine and that only “rusty weapons” were being used as evidence by the rest of the world because they had refrained from intervening.

She claims to have maintained her physical and mental health by adhering to a daily routine of ab crunches, yoga, and meditation.

Her 19-year-old daughter Anna-Sofia Puzanova participated in the competition in her place while she was being held captive.

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Volunteer paramedic Yulia Paievska, 53, was kidnapped by Russian on March 16She was in humanitarian corridor in Mariupol when Russian forces seized herMs Paievska spent three months in captivity and endured beatings and tortureHer daughter raised her mother’s plight with Prince Harry at Invictus Games She was later freed in a prisoner exchange and received a call from the prince


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