Four of Ghislaine Maxwell’s siblings join arms as they enter the courtroom in New York City.


Four of Ghislaine Maxwell’s siblings join arms as they arrive at a court hearing in New York City.

As Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial in New York came to a close today, four of her siblings were photographed arriving at court arm in arm.

As they arrived at the courthouse Monday morning for closing arguments in their sister’s trial, Kevin, Isabel, Ian, and Christine linked arms.

During breaks in the proceedings, Kevin and Isabel have been in court most days of the trial, and they frequently chat or make eye contact with their sister.

However, it’s believed that this is the first time all four have been in the same room since the trial began on November 29.

As they presented their closing argument this morning, prosecutors referred to Ghislaine Maxwell as a “sophisticated predator” who “preyed on vulnerable children.”

Assistant US Attorney Alison Moe told the jury Monday, “She was a sophisticated predator who knew exactly what she was doing.”

‘She repeated the same playbook over and over.’

‘She was an adult who preyed on children in need,’ she continued.

‘Maxwell was the backbone of the operation,’ says the narrator.

Prosecutors repeated allegations made during the weeks-long trial that Maxwell acted as Jeffrey Epstein’s “right hand,” causing “deep” and “lasting harm” to young girls.

Kevin, Isabel, Ian, and Christine, four of Maxwell’s siblings, showed up in court on Monday to show their support for their sister.

Ghislaine has had the support of Isabel and Kevin Maxwell on a daily basis.

Sarah Ransome, an accuser of Epstein, was also seen arriving in the hopes of a conviction.

In a dramatic moment on the final day of her defense on Friday, Maxwell confirmed that she would not testify.

Maxwell rose to her feet, her hands clasped together, and her lawyer, Bobbi Sternheim, wrapped her arm around her.

Maxwell was asked if she would be testifying by Judge Alison Nathan, who informed her that she had the legal right to do so.

‘Your honor, the government has not proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt, so there is no need for me to testify,’ Maxwell said confidently in a cut glass English accent.

Maxwell’s defense was concluded after only two days and nine witnesses.

Maxwell’s sister Isabel, who was standing in the public gallery, made a prayer sign for her as she was led back to prison at the end of the day.

Before leaving the courtroom, Maxwell hugged each of her lawyers one by one.

Maxwell’s second day of defense got off to a shaky start on Friday when it was revealed that one witness had refused to respond to a subpoena, while another had said…

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