Gabrielle Epstein, an Australian model, has had her ‘naked photo’ taken down from Instagram.


Gabrielle Epstein, an Australian model, has had her Instagram ‘naked photo’ taken down.

Gabrielle Epstein’s ‘less is more’ fashion philosophy frequently lands her in hot water with Instagram’s anti-nudity cops.

On Tuesday, the Australian model, 27, was once again censored by the Facebook-owned platform after sharing a photo of herself that was apparently ‘too naked.’

She told her followers that an image she posted to her backup Instagram account, which has more racy content than her main account, had been taken down because it allegedly violated Instagram’s community guidelines.

‘Hi, Instagram removed my pic this morning because I was too naked (what’s new?) so here is this instead,’ she captioned a gallery of photos of herself in a white lace bra and sweatpants.

While it’s unclear why Gabrielle’s earlier post was taken down, it’s possible that the image was reported by a user or that it was flagged by an algorithm that detects nudity.

‘We don’t allow nudity on Instagram for a variety of reasons,’ according to Instagram’s community guidelines.

Photos, videos, and some digitally created content that depict sexual intercourse, genitals, and close-ups of fully nude buttocks are included.

‘It also includes some photos of female nipples, but only in the context of breastfeeding, birthing, and post-birth moments, health-related situations (for example, post-mastectomy, breast cancer awareness, or gender confirmation surgery), or as a form of protest.’

‘Nudity in paintings and sculptures photos is also acceptable.’

Gabrielle made a risqué fashion statement on Saturday when she posed for a series of titillating Instagram photos wearing nothing but a white men’s shirt.

She wore the oversized shirt braless, leaving the top buttons undone to show off her cleavage to her fans.

‘Oversized shirts andgt; in @PrettyLittleThing,’ the blonde captioned the photo gallery.

‘Wishing everyone a wonderful new year.’

Gabrielle made headlines last week when she hit the beach in a drenched crop top and revealing bikini bottoms.

The see-through white T-shirt, which featured a retro Fanta logo from the early 1990s, left almost nothing to the imagination.

Gabrielle’s impressively lean abs were highlighted by the drenched top, which revealed a generous amount of underboob.

As she struck a series of poses by the ocean, the OnlyFans star appeared to be one step away from a wardrobe malfunction.

Her bottoms, on the other hand, provided very little coverage and were pulled up dangerously high on her hips.

Gabrielle’s Instagram followers were taken aback by her revealing ensemble, which featured…

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