Gareth Thomas, a legendary rugby player from Wales, DENIES giving his ex-girlfriend HIV.


Gareth Thomas, a Welsh rugby legend, DENIES infecting an ex-partner with HIV.

According to Mail Plus, Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas has refuted claims that he gave an ex-partner HIV, which were made in the High Court.

A High Court lawsuit accuses the former Wales and Lions rugby captain of “concealing” his HIV status and failing to “take reasonable care” to prevent the spread of the virus to Ian Baum, 59.

If HIV carriers fail to disclose their status to prospective sexual partners and transmit the infection, they may be charged with causing great bodily harm.

It happens three years after rugby great Gareth Thomas revealed he has been dealing with HIV “for years,” at times leading him to think about taking his own life.

The Wales and British Lions player, who came out as gay in 2009, stated that he was disclosing his diagnosis in order to’make a difference’ by assisting in the eradication of the virus’ stigma.

Because he feared people would “treat me like a leper,” he claimed he had kept his HIV status a secret.

The first prominent British sports figure, 45-year-old Thomas, to confess to having HIV.

He also described how the threat of blackmail compelled him to inform his family of his HIV status before they found out from another source.

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I’ve kept this secret for years, he declared.

Keeping such a big secret has made me feel ashamed, and it has been difficult.

The immune system, the body’s line of defense against disease, is attacked by the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) virus.

HIV is permanently present in the body, but treatment can keep the virus under control and the immune system strong.

HIV-positive individuals risk developing AIDS without treatment.

When the immune system can no longer fight infections, AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is the most severe stage of an HIV infection.

A person with AIDS has HIV as well as at least one of the illnesses that are known as “AIDS-defining,” such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, and some cancers.

It is crucial to get tested for HIV as soon as possible if you have been at risk of contracting it, as this will allow you to receive treatment that will keep you from developing AIDS. AIDS is a life-threatening condition, but if HIV is discovered early and treated, it will not cause AIDS. If HIV is discovered later, it may cause more complications and eventually cause the disease.

The National AIDS Trust is the source.

“I feared that people would view me negatively and treat…

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