Homework WILL RETURN, according to Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Network.


HOME WORK WILL RETURN, according to Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Network.

Following allegations that Andy and Candis Meredith defrauded clients out of thousands of dollars with shoddy renovations, their show ‘Home Work’ will return to Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Network.

Several people who appeared on the home renovations show claimed that the Utah-based couple ripped them off, forced them to live in unsafe environments, failed to communicate with them, and left many of the promised renovations unfinished — allegations that the couple has repeatedly denied.

The show was temporarily canceled on January 7, just two days after its premiere, due to the backlash.

The network announced on January 14 that ‘Home Work’ will return after an investigation found no evidence of ‘ill or malicious intent’ on the Merediths’ part.

‘Magnolia Network is committed to sharing inspiring and real stories.

In doing so, we strive to treat people with compassion and to approach difficult situations with honesty and understanding,’ said Allison Page, the network’s president, in a statement.

“We do not believe there was any ill or malicious intent after speaking with homeowners as well as Candis and Andy Meredith about renovation projects for “Home Work,” and hearing a mix of positive and negative experiences.’

‘Our commitment now is to provide appropriate resolutions for those whose Home Work experience fell short of our network’s standards,’ Page continued.

‘While Home Work will return to Magnolia Network, we recognize our obligation to act on how we can better support not only our talent, but also those who place their faith in them and this brand.’

Candis, 38, broke down in tears a few days ago as she vehemently denied that she and her husband Andy, 41, defrauded homeowners out of tens of thousands of dollars and destroyed their homes while filming the show.

‘We don’t believe in online bullying.’

In an Instagram video, she said, “We feel like this attack was particularly calculated for the day before the network launch, and we are hopeful that this can allow the narrative to continue on a more equal playing field without malicious intent.”

She claimed the homeowners’ statements about her and her husband were “false” and that they were “purposefully trying to take anything they could” from the couple.

Candis claimed in a second video that she and her husband ‘weren’t OK,’ and that her children were being bullied at school as a result of the backlash over the show.

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