In a black gown, Casey Batchelor flaunts her incredible figure.


Casey Batchelor flaunts her amazing figure in a black gown.

Casey Batchelor flaunted her incredible figure in a black swimsuit on Instagram on Friday after returning from a trip to Dubai.

The model, 37, looked stunning as she posed on her hotel balcony in plunging swimwear that showed off every inch of her incredible frame. She is on vacation with her daughters Florence, three, Sadie, 21 months, and Daisy, seven months.

‘Three children abroad is hectic, I repeat….hectic!’ the beauty wrote, revealing that the vacation wasn’t as ‘calm’ as it appeared.

Casey wore her long brunette locks in loose curls and swept over one shoulder for the stunning photo, opting for no make-up and showcasing her naturally flawless complexion.

‘Holiday Vibes If only my holiday looked as calm and peaceful as this picture,’ she wrote in the caption.

Three kids in a foreign country is hectic, to say the least! I’m exhausted; more wine, please!’

After welcoming her third daughter Daisy with her long-term partner Dane Goodson last year, Casey revealed she feels her family is complete.

The beauty, who runs fitness and lifestyle platform Yoga Blitz, spoke exclusively to MailOnline about becoming a mother of three and how she has managed to lose nine stone in three pregnancies.

Unlike other celebrities who are simply the face of a business, Casey has completed 285 hours of training to become a certified yoga teacher, allowing her to personally assist clients who use her program.

The former Big Brother contestant also expressed her desire to branch out into life coaching so that she can better assist those who reach out to her via private message on social media with depression and anxiety.

Casey said of life now that she and her 32-year-old partner have welcomed another child: ‘Life is busy, very hectic with three young girls.’

It’s excellent.

I’m in a good place right now.

Since Daisy was born in June of last year, Casey’s life has become even busier, she said.

‘It’s different in the sense that there aren’t enough hours in the day,’ she explained.

You have all three, and they’re all still so young that they only respond to me.

It’s obnoxious.

‘I’ll be bottle feeding Daisy, but Sadie will be climbing on the middle of the kitchen island, while Florence will be screaming that she needs to go,’ Casey explained.

So life is full because all three are constant.’

‘It’s very busy but…’ said Casey, who first went public with Dane in February 2017.

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