In a racy Instagram photo taken in her backyard, Lottie Moss leaves no room for interpretation.


Nothing is left to the imagination in Lottie Moss’ racy Instagram photo taken in her backyard.

On social media, she doesn’t hold back from displaying her amazing physique.

With a provocative topless photo posted to Instagram on Saturday, Lottie Moss put on yet another electrifying performance.

When the 24-year-old model posed in her backyard wearing revealing black thong bikini bottoms, she left little to the imagination.

She displayed all of her intricate tattoos, including an Alice in Wonderland tattoo on her arm and the words “not yours” written across her pert derriere.

Her feathered fringe framed her striking features as her blonde hair was worn straight and half pinned back in a half-up, half-down style.

She flaunted her trim figure earlier this week on Wednesday while donning an arm patch, a skimpy lime green bikini top, and a tiny black lace G-string.

The stunning blonde wore no makeup and scrunched her hair up in a messy bun for her social media post.

This is in response to Lottie’s recent allegations that she was given alcohol and drugs to help her get through modeling shoots.

She claimed that she was given drugs when she was “exhausted” at events, leading her to believe that using drugs was “normal” in the modeling business.

According to Lottie, she didn’t feel like anyone “cared” about her “well-being.”

In response to a question about drug use in the business, Lottie said on the Call Her Daddy podcast: “I think I just thought it was normal and I was going to these events and parties and I was exhausted, that was the only way I was getting through it.

We’ll just get you some drugs, you can have a drink, and then you’ll be fine, they would say as I would frequently arrive on set crying and unhappy and not wanting to do it.

“Oh, you’ll do this shoot, whether you’re sober or not,” was a common phrase used.

It’s going to occur.

Drug use “shouldn’t be normalized” in the “celebrity or fashion industry,” according to Lottie, who recently spent a month receiving treatment for her cocaine addiction and mental health problems.

She continued, “I was at an event in Rome and I was crying my eyes out in the hotel and I was putting makeup on top of my tears, it was bad.” She described one instance when she became upset while working.


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