In black sheer lingerie, Sarah Jayne Dunn, 40, flaunts her lithe figure.


Sarah Jayne Dunn, 40, flaunts her slim figure in black lingerie.

Sarah Jayne Dunn has given fans a taste of what to expect from her OnlyFans account, though not by her own choosing.

After signing up for the adult-only subscription site in 2021, the actress has developed an alternate career, which has resulted in her losing a long-running role on the family-friendly soap Hollyoaks.

Sarah Jayne, 40, was photographed in a mixture of black bondage and semi-sheer underwear sets, and a handful of her racy lingerie snaps have since been leaked onto the web.

The actress and model poses on all fours on a double bed, gazing coyly into the camera in the first of two shots.

In a second image, she is kneeling in a green velvet chair, casting a seductive glance over her shoulder.

OnlyFans pays Sarah Jayne an 80 percent commission, and she’s built a lucrative side business away from acting.

After her contract with Hollyoaks, where she played Mandy Richardson, was terminated, it is now her only source of income – but thanks to the leak, her images can now be viewed for free.

‘This is just par for the course with any online platform,’ a source told The Sun.

‘Content is leaked, and it’s the same for all creators, which isn’t right, but given Sarah’s success on OnlyFans – she’s in the top 0.5percent of all creators worldwide – it’s not a big deal.

‘The OnlyFans team is fantastic at quickly identifying and removing leaks.

Sarah is simply overwhelmed by the overwhelming support and positive feedback she receives from her OnlyFans community.’

Sarah Jayne recently took a swipe at Hollyoaks bosses by demonstrating the identical nature of her approved lads’ mags shoot and banning OnlyFans content on social media.

Sarah Jayne exposed the hypocrisy by sharing side-by-side images of the ‘almost identical’ images she has been creating on her own, noting that the only difference now is that she has control.

The actress posed for a magazine shoot in red lingerie and heels in the top image, revealing a glimpse of her peachy derriere, while in the bottom OnlyFans photo, she showed off her curves in a black G-string.

‘Two nearly identical photos taken just under four years apart,’ she wrote alongside the photos.

‘The first photo was arranged for a national publication by someone else, and the style of shoot was decided…

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