Jerome LeBlanc, a Tom Cruise impersonator, was banned from Instagram for impersonating others.


Jerome LeBlanc, a Tom Cruise impersonator, was banned from Instagram for impersonating others.

A Tom Cruise impersonator was banned from Instagram for “pretending to be someone,” effectively destroying his business.

Jerome LeBlanc, a 33-year-old Canadian who now lives in San Diego, was kicked off the social media platform for violating one of the app’s ‘community guidelines,’ which prohibits people from impersonating others.

‘Creating an account to impersonate someone is against the Community Guidelines and may result in your account being removed,’ according to Instagram’s rules.

‘Don’t pretend to be a real person or brand,’ the app continues.

Speaking in the voice or portraying yourself as an individual, brand, or organization are examples of this.

‘Misrepresenting your relationship with a person, a company, or an organization.’

Over the course of six years, LeBlanc, who is blessed with good looks and looks uncannily like the real Tom Cruise, was able to find work impersonating the Top Gun actor and grow his Instagram following.

His abrupt removal from Instagram, where he had amassed over 30,000 followers, resulted in a significant drop in business.

‘Losing an account that brought me so much business was a pretty big blow for someone self-employed like me,’ LeBlanc tells

In June 2021, LeBlanc was banned for the first time from the platform.

He filed an appeal and was reinstated before being placed on leave for several weeks.

‘I tried to have my account disabled overturned by explaining that I was impersonating a fictional character, but to no avail; they stated “I was pretending to be someone, and my name did not match the account.” Of course, I wasn’t pretending to be anyone; I was impersonating a fictional character.’

LeBlanc set out to provide Instagram with documents in the hopes that the company, which is owned by Facebook, would reconsider its position.

LeBlanc provided them with information, including a business license indicating that he owned a lookalike company, but the decision was a resounding ‘no.’

‘I started appealing three times a day for several weeks.’

Finally, I received a different response, stating that I would need a lawyer or someone to represent me in order to prove my legitimacy.

As a result, I enlisted the services of an attorney.

Thousands of dollars were lost in the process, and thousands of dollars were spent on a lawyer to get my account back.

They didn’t even respond to my lawyer,’ said LeBlanc.

‘Because my Instagram was primarily a San Diego-based following, it had a significant impact on my business.’

That’s where I’m from.

Also, to add insult to injury…

This is all taking place during a pandemic, and we need to keep a safe distance.’


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Jerome LeBlanc, 33, built up his Tom Cruise lookalike business over 10 yearsHe had 30,000 followers on Instagram which would drive his business that consisted of video messages and in-person meet & greets Social media platform kicked him off twice for ‘impersonation’ and breaching the app’s Community GuidelinesInstagram ignored his appeal devastating his business during the pandemicLeBlanc has switched to TikTok where he has more than half a million followers


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