Jimmy Savile, played by Steve Coogan, is a sexual predator who gropes a young woman.


Jimmy Savile, played by Steve Coogan, transforms into a sexual predator who gropes a young woman.

On Sunday, Steve Coogan filmed distressing scenes for the BBC’s controversial new drama The Reckoning, in which he played the shamed sexual predator Jimmy Savile.

As he approached a young woman sleeping rough and proceeded to grope her after spotting her while out jogging, Coogan, 56, looked eerily like Savile, who died in 2011 at the age of 84.

A young actress clutching a duvet put on an emotional display as she struggled to escape Coogan’s grasp, dressed in an exact replica of one of Savile’s famous tracksuits.

She ran away from Coogan, visibly upset, clutching a large navy rucksack once she was free.

Coogan appeared to follow the young woman as she ran away, shouting after her.

Coogan yelled at the actress and even pointed his finger in her face before grabbing her.

Coogan will portray Savile at various points in his life in The Reckoning, beginning with his humble beginnings as a pirate radio DJ in his hometown of Leeds.

It comes just days after Coogan was first seen in character this year while filming outside Leeds General Infirmary in West Yorkshire, where Savile’s victims ranged in age from five to 75 and included adults and children of both sexes.

Those scenes are thought to have taken place in 1963, during the disgraced star’s decade-long stint as a disc jockey at Radio Luxembourg and before his commercial success on the hit TV shows Top Of The Pops and Jim’ll Fix It.

During the late 1980s, former Leeds General Infirmary porter Terry Pratt claimed Savile was given a key to the nurses’ accommodation building several times a month by a “lad on the front desk.”

According to an ex-worker, Savile would arrive with the girls in the early hours of the morning and leave before dawn, according to the BBC in 2012.

‘He would go up to the lad on the desk and say, ‘Here’s the key Jim, make sure I get it back,” he told the BBC.

‘He’d take the key, and the two of them would peer through the doorway… he’d walk out, and the two women would trail him to the nurses’ home.’

‘He was entering a property he didn’t have permission to enter.’

He wasn’t a nurse or a doctor.’

He went on to say that the celebrity, who was a volunteer and fundraiser for the hospital, would come to the hospital several times a month late at night and ask for the key to the lodging block,…

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