Kelly Hoppen’s interior design company is rejected by Sienna Miller in favor of a director friend.


In favor of a director friend, Sienna Miller RULES OUT her stepmother Kelly Hoppen’s interior design company.

In order to decorate her cottage, Sienna Miller has chosen her friend, the film director, over her stepmother Kelly Hoppen’s interior design company.

The renovation of Sienna, 40,’s Buckinghamshire cottage was revealed on Friday. Despite the fact that her relative is a well-known designer, Sienna chose Gaby Dellal, 61, a film director friend who reportedly has the “best taste” of anyone she has “ever met.”

But even though her stepdaughter might prefer to listen to others’ opinions, it seems like Kelly, 63, still has admirers in high places, namely Boy George.

Singer Boy George reportedly “fell in love” with Kelly’s £12.5 million mansion after seeing it, according to Richard Eden of The Daily Mail, and has asked her to decorate his own gothic-style North London home in a similar manner.

The Culture Club singer, 61, said to Kelly, “I want you to redo my house and I want it to look exactly like this.”

In the latest issue of Architectural Digest, Sienna recently debuted her recently renovated 16th-century thatched-roof cottage in the Buckinghamshire countryside.

The actress, who bought the house when she was 25, said of it: “I needed a place to get away from all the press attention I was getting at the time.

I bought the house on a whim because it provides a haven.

It has a nurturing feeling; it is a home with a heart. I also wanted a place where family and friends could congregate.

While Kelly may be among the aforementioned family members, Sienna was adamant in telling the magazine, “I wanted a Gaby house!” in reference to the director’s residences in Cornwall and London.

While Gaby described the project, which was finished during the 2020 lockdown, as “beautiful,” adding that “she just trusted me” and that “we had a deal whereby she was not allowed there for six months until I completed the project.”

In 1989, when Sienna was only six years old and Savannah was seven, Kelly married Sienna’s father, an investment banker named Ed Miller.

The businesswoman divorced Ed in 2003, but she still keeps in touch with her former stepchildren.

Savannah and her actress sister Sienna are and will always be two of the most precious people in my life, even though I have been divorced from their father Edwin for 17 years, Kelly said in a 2020 interview with Mail on Sunday’s YOU magazine.

She addresses me as Mama K, and I address her as Sasa.

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