KFC’s new plant-based Beyond Meat chicken nuggets are getting rave reviews.


KFC’s new plant-based Beyond Meat chicken nuggets are getting rave reviews.

Kentucky Fried Chicken debuted plant-based chicken nuggets in the United States this week, and taste-testers and early customers have already raved about them, describing them as “yummy” and claiming they can’t tell the difference between them and real chicken.

KFC’s plant-based fried chicken, created in collaboration with Beyond Meat, debuted on Monday in select US locations, making it the first major chain to offer its own plant-based chicken nugget.

The faux-meat was described as ‘tasty’ and ‘a surprisingly pleasant alternative’ by DailyMail.com staffers who tried it, with only a few saying the texture was a little ‘rubbery.’

Customers who rushed to try the nuggets on Monday have shared their reviews on Twitter, referring to them as TK and TK and pleading with KFC to make the limited-time menu item permanent.

Beyond Fried Chicken is available for a limited time only, while supplies last, as nuggets coated in KFC’s traditional breading and seasoned with its recipe of seven herbs and spices.

It can be ordered as a 12-piece nugget order or as part of a meal deal that includes fries and a drink.

While the nuggets are plant-based, they are not prepared in a vegan or vegetarian manner, according to KFC.

DailyMail.com staffers gave the nuggets mostly positive reviews after trying them this week.

‘Fingerlickin’ good,’ says the narrator.

I couldn’t tell the difference between the fake and the real thing.

If I hadn’t known, I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference,’ said Alex Ringsell (NY Head of Video).

Lillian Gissen (NY Femail Reporter) added, ‘I thought they were great! So yummy.’

‘If I hadn’t been told beforehand, I honestly wouldn’t have known they weren’t real meat.’

It was exactly like a real chicken nugget in terms of taste and consistency.’

‘I never would have guessed they weren’t real meat if I hadn’t been told they weren’t before I tried them,’ Carly Stern (NY Assistant Femail Editor) said. ‘The nuggets taste delicious — exactly like real fried chicken — and have the look and texture of genuine white meat, too.’

‘Heavily breaded (delicious).’

It tastes delightfully fake.

It would be strange if it tasted any more authentic.

‘Not dry – and a little chewy,’ said Matt London (Editor of Opinion Pages).

The texture, on the other hand, was a bit rubbery, according to some tastes.

‘They tasted exactly like chicken,’ Hannah Parry (US Assistant News Editor) said.

The texture wasn’t quite right for a standard chicken nugget…

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