Liz Truss became enraged when ardent eco-protesters interrupted her opening remarks at a Tory hustings.


At a Tory hustings, Liz Truss became enraged when ardent eco-protesters interrupted her opening remarks.

After eco-protesters stormed tonight’s Tory leadership hustings in Eastbourne and were dispersed by security, Liz Truss was left furious.

The eco-activists could be heard yelling “shame” and demanding that a new Prime Minister implement a Green New Deal. The Foreign Secretary retaliated angrily at them.

Five protesters who shouted “shame on you” to Liz Truss, demanded a “Green New Deal,” and asserted their dominance over the other attendees were expelled from the Eastbourne hustings for the Tory leadership.

“Out, out, out!” could be heard being chanted by tory supporters in the crowd.

If Ms. Truss is elected leader, she has promised to crack down on protesters right away and to pass legislation to put an end to groups like these.

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I would pass legislation right away to ensure that we are fighting militant trade unions that prevent regular commuters from arriving at work.

“And I would enact laws to safeguard our vital services.”

I’ll make sure that militant activists like Extinction Rebellion are unable to disturb regular people who put in a lot of effort, behave morally, and go to work.

“And I will never, ever, ever allow unfair protests to undermine our democracy.”

The demonstrators, who were from the youth climate group Green New Deal Rising, proclaimed that this was a pivotal time for the nation.

The majority’s desires—good wages, secure employment, and a secure environment—should guide our next prime minister’s decisions.

However, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are filling the airwaves with policies that will exacerbate the current situation rather than improve it.

“Energy costs are projected to increase to over £3000 annually, and nothing they have announced will even come close to putting that money back in people’s pockets.”

We interfered with the hustings tonight,’

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