Liz Truss: I’ll take whatever action I can to assist families in need.


Liz Truss: I’ll take any necessary action to assist families in need.

If elected prime minister, Liz Truss promised last night to hold an emergency budget in a matter of weeks to provide families with more assistance to get through the winter.

The front-runner for the Tory leadership declared to the Daily Mail that she was determined to “do all we can” to assist families struggling with rising costs of living.

Tax reductions and a discount on energy costs are part of a package of measures.

Additionally, the Foreign Secretary is reportedly considering other options.

Despite dire predictions of an impending recession, Miss Truss acknowledged that the nation is experiencing a “tough winter.”

As the rising cost of living crisis worsens, she said, “People need help right away.”

In my capacity as prime minister, I’ll act with urgency and resolve to provide disadvantaged families with the assistance they require.

In difficult times, they can count on me to deliver.

The economy is anticipated to contract for more than a year, and inflation is anticipated to reach a 42-year high of 13.3%.

In an effort to rein in rising prices, the Bank of England this week increased interest rates on Thursday by the largest margin in almost three decades.

A typical gas and electricity bill is expected to increase to £3,358 per year starting in October before rising to £3,615 in the following year, according to experts.

Business as usual was not an option, according to Miss Truss.

“In my opinion, we need to do everything we can to support families during this cost of living crisis by reducing their fuel costs and taxes,” she said.

However, in order to achieve that economic growth and prevent a recession, we also need to expand the economy and seize all available opportunities, including those that arise from the post-Brexit economy.

“What I don’t support is continuing with the current strategy with business as usual when we’re facing such a serious economic situation,” she said.

She said yesterday at a leadership hustings in Eastbourne, in response to her rival Rishi Sunak’s proposed policies: “I’m not going to make predictions… but what I know is that putting up taxes is likely to lead to lower economic growth and more chance of a recession.”

Miss Truss’ campaign team denied that a date had been set, despite suggestions that she would hold the budget on September 21.

The measures would include reversing the national insurance increase Mr. Sunak enacted in April and eliminating the green tax, which raises the average energy bill by £153.

Investments in renewable energy will instead be, according to Miss Truss,…

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Conservative leadership frontrunner Liz Truss vowed to ‘do all we can’The Foreign Secretary said she would introduce tax cuts and energy discounts At a Conservative hustings in Eastbourne, she warned of a ‘tough winter’ ahead


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