Liz Truss pledges to crack down on government employees who continue to work from home


Liz Truss promises to take action against government workers who continue to work from home.

In response to the revelation that many Whitehall desks are still vacant, Liz Truss promised last night to bring back more civil servants.

She supported Cabinet Office minister Jacob Rees-Mogg’s initiatives to end the civil service’s culture of working from home.

The Foreign Secretary made the pledge as Cabinet Office data revealed that in the week beginning July 25, just over half of Whitehall desks were occupied. The Foreign Secretary has previously suggested that flexible working should “become the norm.”

The Scotland Office and Miss Truss’ own department were the worst offenders, accounting for 27% and 34%, respectively.

As the weeks pass, the numbers decrease.

I support the work that Jacob Rees-Mogg has been doing, Miss Truss declared, and I will be carefully considering that.

The Cabinet Office predicted that because of annual leave, summertime attendance at work will be lower.

At the beginning of July, the Home Office was over half full; by the end of the month, it had dropped to 43%, while the Department of Work and Pensions had decreased eight points to 44%.

The percentage of employees at the Cabinet Office, where Mr. Rees-Mogg has been leading the calls to return to work, who worked in person decreased by 16 points to 55%.

Although there was a slight improvement from the week ending July 18 in Miss Truss’ own department, it was still down from 38% at the beginning of July.

Upon being questioned about why her department has one of the lowest desk occupancy rates in Whitehall, the foreign secretary responded, “The thing about the Foreign Office is obviously quite a lot of our people are travelling so it’s quite hard to measure, but I would say that including the Foreign Office, we do need more people to come into work.”

We require additional staff members, she continued, and I believe that is crucial.

Previously, Miss Truss, who was the equalities minister at the time, claimed that the growth of remote work would open up senior positions to people living outside of urban areas.

She told MPs last year that flexible working benefits everyone, not just women and people who don’t live in major cities.

Ministers have advised civil servants against working remotely in order to boost productivity and eliminate backlogs from the pandemic era.

“We have been consistently clear that we want to see office attendance across the civil service consistently back at pre-pandemic levels,” a spokesman for the Cabinet Office said.

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Liz Truss has backed Jacob Rees-Mogg’s efforts to curb work from home cultureJust over half of Whitehall desks were occupied in the week commencing July 25Worst offenders Scotland Office on 27% and Ms Truss’s own department on 34%


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