Mother alleges finding black sludge in her son’s ice cream.


Mother alleges finding black sludge in her son’s ice cream.

A mother has expressed her shock after purportedly discovering “black sludge” floating inside a Wilko Fruit Shoot Squeezee Pop that she was planning to feed to her one-year-old son.

The product, according to 32-year-old Stephenie from Kent, was sold in two packs at the Westwood Cross Shopping Center in Thanet on July 26 at 2:30 p.m.

Stephanie displays several of the tubes containing an unidentified black substance in a video that has already received 1.6 million views and 50,000 likes.

The instructions on the packet state that the pops can be frozen at home since they are delivered as a liquid inside a plastic tube.

Ice poles are his absolute favorite toy, especially in this hot weather, according to Stephanie, whose child is almost two.

These were his preferred treats, and he was currently eating a frozen one.

I noticed a lot of black covering the inside of the outer packaging as well as the ice poles when I opened the outer packaging of one of the new packs I had just bought.

It was disgusting to find several ice poles inside the pack that were still sealed with black sludge.

One of the tubes is seen floating inside the ice pop in video footage along with a thick, unknown black substance.

The mother continued, “I was disgusted and felt sick because this is such a well-known product and brand.”

I am aware that mistakes are made in manufacturing facilities, etc., but I was more worried about other kids eating them, she said.

When asked if she would check ice pops in the future, Stephenie responded, “Yes, without a doubt.

“For any black substance in the packaging, and moving forward, I’ll definitely wash all of my ice poles before freezing them.”

Your children put these in their mouths, but you have no idea what they have been exposed to.

After the video was posted online, people reacted quickly, with one writing, “What is that?”

The second person who responded wrote, “I’ve been living off these for the past three weeks.”

Another person commented, “Extra protein.”

A fourth person wrote, “Yum.”

Another fifth wrote, “Looks like primordial soup.”

Robinson’s is said to have contacted Stephenie to let her know that a confectionery company off-site instead of Britvic produces Fruit Shoot Squeezee Pops.

In order to get a response, MailOnline contacted Wilko.

Stephenie, 32, from Kent, claims she found sludge in lolly she bought for her sonPurchased Fruit Shoot Squeezee Pop from Wilko to freeze at homePops come as liquid inside plastic tube, but Stephenie spotted black gunk in oneSaid she realised it was inside multiple packs that were still sealed


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